heightec RescuePack™ Pro – Industrial Rescue System

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heightec RescuePack™ Pro – Industrial Rescue System

The heightec RescuePack is a technical rescue system for fire service and professional rescue teams – multi function with lowering, raising and rescuer safety capabilities. Supplied with 50m White rope and 50m of Gold rope.

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heightec RescuePack™ Pro – Industrial Rescue System

The heightec RescuePack™ Pro is a unique and completely self-contained industrial rescue system. 

The industrial rescue system is designed specifically for rescue. It provides for the safety of the rescuer at all times and allows for the quick and easy recovery of the casualty from any vertical situation. The casualty can be raised or lowered and RescuePack™ Pro has been proven on applications from tower cranes to confined spaces.

Proven in numerous applications, from tower cranes to confined spaces, RescuePack™ Pro allows for the quick and simple recovery of the casualty from any vertical situation, while protecting the rescuer from a fall.

RescuePack™ Pro has three main components at its core; 

PHOENIX QC harness, 

Harness Features

  • Quick fit buckles for speed of fit
  • Highly durable and comfortable to wear
  • Integral back panel
  • Semi-circular screwlink front attachment point
  • High rear attachment point
  • Protected leg loops
  • Adjustable locking side buckles
  • Captive buckles with large tabs
  • Low profile accessory loop at shoulder
  • Sizing: Universal (Thigh 65-110cm - Torso 95-130cm)

QUADRA auto-locking device


  • Multi-function, can change between functions under load
  • Double-braking mechanism
  • All component parts visible
  • High load capacity
  • Lightweight alloy construction

HURRICANE rope grab. 


  • X-Cam advanced tooth design
  • X-Cam superior geometry
  • Profiled attachment points & slimline design
  • Ergonomic low-profile release catch
  • Detachable from the harness
  • Self locking pulley catch with simplified operation
  • Karabiner attachment near cam - can be used to reset pulley systems
  • Low profile attachment for tool tether
  • High strength & durable construction
  • Individual serial number

These and the other components are linked together with TECTRA low-stretch rope, which includes sewn terminations, eliminating the need for knots.

This industrial rescue system is packaged for instant deployment and is simple to operate.

RescuePack™ Pro comes supplied in a durable PVC kit bag.

Optional extras:

Rescue Reach Pole (MSRM)
CHRYSALIS Stretcher & Bridle (MS01)

heightec RescuePack™ Pro – Industrial Rescue System Features

  • Advanced, self-contained portable rescue system
  • The most widely used rescue system in the UK fire service
  • Twin line system, packaged for immediate deployment (50m White rope and 50m Gold rope)
  • QUADRA rope device specifically designed for high rescue loads
  • System is fully adaptable for a range of versatile rescue operations
  • Award winning PHOENIX QC harness, designed for use with back mounted breathing apparatus
  • System can be extended with additional rescue equipment such as reach pole, stretcher, quadpod etc.
  • CASCADE Edge Protector for multiple ropes and square edges

heightec RescuePack™ Pro

  • 2 x 1m wire strops.
  • 2 x 2m wire strops. 
  • 2 x 60cm protected slings 
  • 2 x 120cm tape slings.
  • 10 x karabiners
  • 1 x Pear maillon
  • 1 x Edge protector
  • 1 x Pulley


Material: Various
Weight: 25 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals


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Rescue Kit

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Rescue Kits, Tower Rescue, Crane Rescue, Confined Space Rescue,
Rope Length
50m White Rope, 50m Gold Rope,


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