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Petzl Voltige Chest Harness

The Petzl Voltige Chest Harness is an easy to use, compact, adjustable (one-size-fits-all) chest harness. It can easily be linked to a sit harness using a connector such as a karabiner to form a full body harness ideal for adventure parks or for use with children or small -framed adults.

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Petzl Panji Harness

Petzl Panji, climbing sit harness designed for adventure parks and as an outdoor centre harness.

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Edelrid Fraggle Children's Full Body Harness

With this padded full body harness even young climbers and little mountaineers weighing up to 40 kg can enjoy a scramble. The stiff construction with the fixed leg loops makes putting the harness on much easier, and thanks to the two Slide Block buckles, the harness is quickly adjusted to the right size.

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Lanyard Breakaway Parking Loop

The breakaway parking point is a retro fit sacrificial parking point used to park the unused working end of a lanyard indirectly onto a harness when not in use.

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Petzl Chest'Air Chest harness

The Chest’Air chest harness transforms the Petzl Falcon, Falcon Mountain, Avao Sit and Sequoia SRT sit harnesses into fall-arrest harnesses. With multiple certifications. The Petzl Chest’Air can be attached to a climbing or mountaineering harness to keep a victim upright during a rescue. It simply connects to the ventral attachment point of the seat harness and fastens via the Fast LT buckle at the chest, for quick donning. It adapts easily to different body types with its double back self-locking buckles on the shoulder straps and ventral strap. Made with 3D foam padding, the Chest’Air chest harness provides additional comfort while hanging.

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Petzl Seat for Sequoia and Sequoia SRT harness

Wide seat for a comfortable working position during suspension. It has an adjustable width to reduce bulk and facilitate movement within the tree. It connects to the two gated points on the Sequoia and Sequoia SRT arborist seat harnesses, using the two shackles.

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Petzl Ring S For Arborists

Petzl Ring S for Sequoia Arborist Harness - Aluminium ring for installation of Suspension (Attachment) Bridge

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Petzl Lift Spreader for Newton Harness

Petzl Lift Spreader clipped to the shoulder straps of a Newton harness allowing the wearer to be lowered into a manhole vertically. Rigid to keep its shape around the head. Supplied with two karabiners suitable for connection to the Newton harness.

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Petzl Sequoia SRT Sit Harness (For Arborists)

SEQUOIA SRT is a tree care seat harness for ascents on a single rope. It has a ventral attachment point that allows a ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik to be installed with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENT accessories.

The extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops provide comfort for the arborist. It is equipped with DOUBLEBACK PLUS self-locking buckles on the waistbelt and FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles on the leg loops.

The gated attachment points allow the user to easily connect a ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard, or to install several attachment bridges and accessories directly on the bridge. The harness also facilitates the carrying and organising of work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching CARITOOL tool holders.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Chest strap Is Not PPE.

Petzl Secur Chest Strap

The new Petzl chest strap / shoulder strap is lightweight and very quick to put on. The new double back buckles with patented design allows easy adjustment for correct length, attaches to the back of the hip belt on the Petzl sit harnesses and the Petzl Secur chest strap, allowing the Petzl CROLL chest rope clamp to remain correctly positioned in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents.

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Petzl Superavanti Caving Harness

Durability and low weight — these are the strong suits of the Superavanti caving harness! The materials used for the leg loops, attachment points, and gear loops make this a durable and long-lasting harness. The attachment points are positioned low, allowing you to ascend the rope more easily and efficiently. Four gear loops allow you to carry all the gear necessary to progress. The adjustment buckles are positioned inside the leg loops, limiting the risk of snagging in narrow passages. Additionally, they are available in five sizes for a variety of options.

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Edelrid Radialis Comp Adventure Park Harnesses

Classic webbing harness for use on high rope courses. The different colors of the shoulder, hip and leg straps make the harness intuitive to put on and enable trainers to check it quickly and reliably. The six Slide Block buckles and pull-on loops at the end of the webbing material enable the harness to be simply adjusted for an optimum fit. The labeling field and integrated RFID transponder can be used to personalize the harness and make it far easier to document its use.

Non Stock Item! Extended lead-times may apply to this item.Please call for urgent orders.

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Tractel HT 9 Evacuation Harness

Nappy rescue harness for evacuation operations. Easy to fit, even with a person lying on the ground. 3 adjustment settings making it suitable for use for both children and adults.

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Petzl 8003 full body harness for adults

The Petzl full body harness is a great harness even when you are not tied into the rope, it remains correctly adjusted close to the body.  Easily access the double tie-in point conveniently located at chest level, add your gear to the two cord equipment loops with wide and flexible webbing, you'll have plenty of mobility for a perfect fit, modify the shoulder height adjustment and leg loop widths as well as the elastic chest and back webbing.

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Abtech Abelite Access Elite Harness

Please note! this harness is made to order, please contact us for urgent orders.

The Abelite is a full body harness with two attachment points. For vertical rescue, suspension and fall arrest. Extended attachment available for use with back mounted breathing apparatus. Breathable jacket and quick release buckles makes donning and removing quick and easy.

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Petzl Simba Full body adjustable harness

Petzl Simba full body adjustable harness for children. Because small children do not have well-defined hips for a waistbelt to latch onto, the full body design is necessary for safety.

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Petzl Falcon Ascent Sit Harness For Rescue Operations Involving Rope Ascent

The Petzl Falcon Ascent is a lightweight seat harness featuring a two part ventral attachment point that fastens with an OMNI Karabiner. This attachment point makes it more efficient during rescue operations involving rope ascent.

The Falcon Ascent harness features a semi rigid waist belt and leg loops for maximum comfort and self locking double back buckles for quick and easy adjustment. The rear buckle allows a Top Croll chest harness, or a Croll rope clamp to be attached.

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Petzl Ring Open

The Ring Open gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations.

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Petzl Sequoia Sit Harness

The Sequoia is a seat harness for tree care. It is designed for the arborist's comfort. The extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. The attachment bridge is linked to two gated rings, allowing its length to be adjusted and accessories to be installed directly on the bridge. The harness also facilitates carrying and organization of tools with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching Caritool tool holders.

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Petzl Volt Seat

The Petzl seat for Volt harnesses provides comfort and stability during long periods of suspension.

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Lyon Croll Strap

Lyon Croll Strap - Used to retro fit a Croll to a Petzl Bod or Bod Fast harness.

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Lyon 50cm Comfort Seat

Please Note! karabiners NOT included.

Lyon Comfort Work Seat - Designed for use in conjunction with a fall-arrest or work positioning harness. Two easily accessible equipment loops. Easy adjustment with the Double-back buckles. Easily positioned on the back when not in use. Made from plywood and canvas.

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Lyon 60cm Comfort Seat

Please note! Karabiners are NOT included.

Lyon Comfort Work Seat (60cm) - Designed for use in conjunction with a fall-arrest or work positioning harness. Two easily accessible equipment loops. Easy adjustment with the Double-back buckles. Easily positioned on the back when not in use. Made from plywood and canvas.

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Synergy Casualty Harness

Designed and manufactured by Lyon the Synergy Casualty harness provides rapid fitting to almost any age or size of casualty.

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Ridgegear 2 Point (Front and Rear D) Fall Arrest Harness

Ridgegear RGH2 harness is an excellently priced fully adjustable 2 point fall arrest harness fitted with a rear 'D' and front chest 'D' and rip stitch indicators. Ideal as an IPAF MEWP approved harness for cherry picker use. 

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Ridgegear 1 Point (Rear D) Fall Arrest Harness

The Ridgegear RGH1 harness is a basic access harness fitted with a rear 'D' only. 

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3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit Nex Wind Energy Harness ExoFit NEX harness 

The DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX harness gives workers the freedom and confidence to function to their maximum. Innovative safety devices and ground breaking design features allow workers to work smart, fast and safe increasing productivity. Designed using soft yet extremely durable anti-absorbent, abrasion resistant webbing of lasting strength, harnesses can withstand the most severe demands, day in, day out. They are built to perform to the highest standards in the harshest environments.

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Petzl Aquila comfortable climbing and mountaineering harness.

The very comfortable Aquila harness is designed for performance climbing in the gym, at the crag or on a multi-pitch route. The wide waistbelt and adjustable leg loops adapt perfectly to larger body types, in any season. The slim, sleek design offers complete freedom of movement with minimal weight. The five equipment loops provide sufficient space for the required equipment. The tie-in points are made of high-modulus polyethylene for improved resistance to rope friction and for greater durability of the harness.

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Petzl Ouistiti full body harness for children

Designed for children weighing less than 30kg, the Ouistiti harness is especially easy to put on and adjust. It does not require a connector to be fastened, and the adjustment system is difficult for a child to access. The perforated foam structure and the front tie-in point favour comfort while climbing. The rear attachment point allows the child to be connected for other specific activities.

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DMM Chest Harness

The DMM Chest Harness is easy to use and compact,  using the new Slidelock buckles for easy adjustment. 

Now with DMM iD as standard.

Chest Harness Only. Second image for illustration purpose.

Harnesses come in a variety of types: Work Positioning Harnesses (for use by an industrial abseiler who is getting to a place of work by abseiling / ascending or descending a rope / aiding) - Split into Full Body Harnesses, Chest Harnesses and Sit Harnesses, Fall Arrest Harnesses (for use when there is a possibility that the user may take a fall and this fall needs to be stopped in a controlled manner - usually by a shock absorbing lanyard) or Work Restraint Harnesses (designed to stop a user getting to a place where a fall may occur - usually by using a lanyard which limits the distance a person can move - common locations for use are in cherry pickers / scissor lifts).

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

EN358Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height. Belts and lanyards for work positioning or restraint.
EN361Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Full body harnesses.
EN813Personal fall protection equipment. Sit harnesses.
EN1497Personal fall protection equipment. Rescue harnesses.
EN1498Personal fall protection equipment. Rescue loops.
EN12277Mountaineering equipment. Harnesses. Safety requirements and test methods.
ANSI Z359.11Safety Requirements For Full Body Harnesses.
EACEurAsian Conformity marking confirms full compliance with the “Basic Safety Requirements”, which are specified in the Technical Regulations.

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