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SAR Adjustable Webbing Foot Loop

This SAR footloop is designed on the old Troll easy riser foot loop. It is fully adjustable using an alloy grip tight buckle, manufactured from 25mm hard wearing polyester webbing and a reinforced foot loop.

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SAR Evac Stretcher Lifting Slings

The SAR EVAC stretcher lifting slings have been designed for rescue and are made up of items conforming to the relevant standards for (PPE) personal protective equipment. You are able to do simple adjustment of lengths if required and are for use with stretchers in mountaineering, industrial rescue and helicopter winching. They are used in both horizontal and vertical positions.

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Sar Croll Clean Cam

The SAR croll was designed to fit flat against the body around the upper stomach/lower sternum area of the chest.

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SAR Alpine adjustable stretcher lifting slings

The adjustable stretcher lifting slings have been designed for rescue, therefore are not (PPE) personal protective equipment. They are adjustable liftings slings for use with stretchers in mountaineering, industrial rescue and helicopter winching and can be used for lifting and lowering in both horizontal and vertical positions. They can be used as side carrying or sledging slings or used as front and back man carrying Yoke/Harness by connecting to the stretcher handles.

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SAR Right Hand Ascender

The SAR Ascender is made for continuous use in the most arduous of conditions. The frames are formed using high strength aluminium plate and it has a stainless steel self clean cam. The handle grip is of soft moulded nylon.

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SAR Rocker Rope Access Back Up Device

The Rocker is a rope lock device used in rescue, rope access, rapid intervention and fixed rope sports climbing.

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Sar 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS)

The 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS) is designed to lift casualties onto a stretcher or transfer their load from lanyards, slings or rope to the rescuer or rescue system. It's simple lightweight design allows a rescuer to de-weight (remove the weight from) a casualty so that their lanyards can be removed from a structure or a descending / ascending device can be removed from a rope when being rescued.

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SAR Rescue Figure of 8 Descender with Ears

Figure of 8 Descender with Ears is used for controlled lowering or abseiling. Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy, it has a large eye with room for an extra karabiner and wings to prevent the rope rolling into a locked position.

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SAR Rocker 10cm Lanyard Assembly

Our Rocker Sling Assembly is made using our Twin Eye slings have a test strength of 24kN. This conforms to the highest standards set by EN354 of 22kN. The karabiners are made from high grade alloy, formed from a round bar then pressed to shape to give extra strength.

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SAR Evac Body Splint Stretcher

Designed by one of the leading technical rescue specialists in UK, the Evac Body Splint Stretcher is a wrap-around stretcher used for the evacuation of a casualty from confined spaces or from height in a vertical, horizontal or angular mode of lift.

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SAR A-B Descender

The A-B Descender has been designed for Technical Rope Access, Intervention/Special Forces and Rescue. It has been designed to overcome some of the problems that occur with other devices and comply fully, with the correct European Standard for this type of descender/rope adjustment device.