Cresto RPX Original Box Rescue and Evacuation Device

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Cresto RPX Original Box Rescue and Evacuation Device

The Cresto RPX Original is the latest version of RED Pro with a refined and simplified lifting and locking function for rescue. This version is equipped with a built-in torque limiter in the hand wheel. Used to lift a person so that you can release any attenuator lines after a fall and then evacuate the distressed person to a safe surface.

During descent/evacuation, the centrifugal brake is automatically engaged and regulates to a constant descent speed for a simple and safe descent, from for example cranes, wind turbines, mobile work platforms, and industrial buildings. The downhill speed is up to 2m / s depending on the weight of the person (s).

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Cresto RPX Original Box Rescue and Evacuation Device

A complete height rescue kit supplied in a vacuum sealed pack, this kit includes:

1 x Controlled rate descender, with lift function. 
1 x Edge protection.
1 x Rope grab.
3 x Steel double action karabiners.
1 x Swing cheek pulley.
3 x Slings.
1 x Vacuum sealed bag
1 x Protective hard case

Technical Information

Material device: Casted Aluminium
Function: Automatic descent device
Mechanics:Centrifugual break
Lifting mechanics:Hand wheel with Torque limiter, Gear Ratio 1:10
Rope:Kernmantle rope 32-braided, 9,6 mm. Core and sheet of Polyamid
Rope Weight:61g/m
Attaching connector, device:Steel Karabiner with double action gate <30kN, gate strength <16kN.
Product kit:Device: 2,2kg
Kit:Vacuum packed in bag 9450 and Storage box 9449 incl. Rescue Accessory Pac.
Standards:EN341:2011 cl.A & B; EN1496:2017; ANSI Z359.4-2013; CSA-Z259.2.3-12.
Declaration of Conformity:PPE Regulation 2016/425.
Lifespan rope:10 years lifespan maximum working life.
Max. load:cl. A 100 kg, cl. B 200 kg.
Min. load:50kg.
Descent speed:0.5-2m/s.
Max. rope length:160m.
Max. descent distance:5x160m (200 kg).
Max. Hoist:136kg 12m.
Working temperatures:-40-(+50)°C.
Inspection requirements:Yearly inspection Vacuum.
Identification:Serial Number.



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