Skylotec Milan Rescue Kit - Descent Only

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Skylotec Milan Rescue Kit - Descent Only

A complete Rescue kit suitable for Wind Turbine, Towers and Crane Rescue. Featuring the A-027 descent only CRD. This complete kit is supplied in a moisture controlled seal pack with all the component parts for a controlled rescue.

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Skylotec Milan Rescue Kit - Descent Only

Rescue devices, including unused ones, which are kept in reserve for emergencies, must be inspected once a year. With the SEAL PAC this is simplified. The MILAN rescue device with individual rope length and accessories is packed in a specially padded and sealed aluminium box. An authorised inspector opens the box once a year and checks the moisture indicator on the packaging. If it is in perfect condition, the inspector reseals the metal box with an enclosed seal. This simplified annual inspection procedure saves time and money, as there are no costly transport routes and thus no downtimes. The regular service life of the SEAL PAC is 15 years and can be extended once for another 15 years - after replacement of the MILAN brake and textile components within a special resealing process. This corresponds to a total service life of up to 30 years.

This Milan Rescue Kit is made up of the items below.

Seal Pac

The Skylotec moisture controlled seal pac is manufactured in four sizes

  • SET-SEAL PAC-80 (80m rope length and accessories)
  • SET-SEAL PAC-120m (120m rope length and accessories)
  • SET-SEAL PAC-150m (150m rope length and accessories)
  • SET-SEAL PAC-250m (250m rope length and accessories)

Skylotec Milan (A-027) 2.0 Descent Only  (Please choose rope length)

The A-027 industrial standard evacuation device. The centrifugally controlled brake maintains a constant descent speed of 0.9 m/s, thus ensuring fast and safe evacuation. The ultra-robust housing made in Germany is CNC-milled from a solid block aluminium.

  • Rated load: 280 kg 
  • Rescue operations of any kind at any place
  • Suitable for 2-person use and for alternating abseiling
  • Rated Standards: DIN EN 341-1A:2011, ANSI Z359.4:2013, MEETS CSA Z259.2.3-1B:2012

Skylotec Perisrop 3 Rope Edge Protector (H-056)

This Skylotec Perisrop is a lightweight stainless steel edge protector designed to protect ropes from coming into contact with sharp edges. This edge protector is designed to attach easily around edges and can be secured with a steel karabiner.

  • Rated Standard: Non PPE

Skylotec SKA Rope Clamp (L-0058)

Special rescue-grade rope clamp for use in Milan Rescue techniques, along with Skylotec Milan Rescue Descender/Ascender systems. Manufactured from stainless steel. 

  • Rated Standards: EN 1496, EN 353-2:2002

Skylotec Standard Roll Pulley (H-067)

Pulley with Swing Cheeks - Suitable for hauling systems and as a directional pulley. Versatile and compact pulley.

  • Rated Standard: EN 12278:2007

Skylotec Ovaloy Tri (H-069) (x2 with rescue harness)

Triple action oval aluminium karabiner 

  • Rated Standard: EN 362-B:2004

2 x Skylotec Resc B (G-1042-B) 

Rescue nappy harness - One size
Optional please choose with or without the harness

  • Rated Standard: EN 1498-B:2006

2 x Skylotec loop sling (L-0010-GE-1.5)

Polyamide sling - 25mm wide x 1.5 meter long 

  • Rated Standards: ANSI/ASSP Z359.18-2017, EN 354:2010, EN 566:2017, EN 795-B:2012, CSA Z259.15-17 ED.


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