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Lyon Industrial Cowstail 4m or 5m Lengths

A basic dynamic rope that conforms to EN892 produced by beal for Lyon. Suitable for a range of applications. This rope is supplied as a hanked bundle. Colours vary. Length 4m or 5m length, Diameter 11mm. 

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Beal Mobile Lanyard

The Mobile Lanyard is certified to work with the Monitor mobile fall arrest device, enabling it to be positioned away from the operator. 

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Petzl Progress Adjust-Y

Progress Adjust-Y is a double adjustable progression lanyard that enables continuous connection for all types of progression (rope ascent, moving along a traverse line...). Thanks to the Adjust rope adjuster, the length of the adjustable arm can be quickly and easily adjusted. The Tanga accessory and the plastic sheath help hold the connectors in a good position for easy clipping.

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Petzl Progress Adjust-I

The Petzl Progress Adjust-I is a single adjustable progression lanyard with integrated rope adjuster made from dynamic rope. When you use it with a second lanyard it provides continuous connection for passing intermediate anchors.

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Singing Rock Industrial Cows Tail

The Singing Rock Cowstail is a pre-cut length of dynamic rope which can be tied to the main attachment point of a harness and used as an anchor lanyard (sometimes also called a device lanyard), as part of a rope access system. They are normally tied to give three fixed length lanyards; two long and one short. Available in 4m, and 5m lengths.

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Edelrid Switch Pro Double Lanyard

Y-lanyard for self-belaying and work positioning made from energy-absorbing Dynamite dynamic rope. The two arms permit variable, situation-dependent use.

Aiding equipment is for use in both industrial rope access and sports climbing. Lanyards such as the Dyna-Pro are specifically designed to help pass rebelays when caving or canyoning although can be used for aiding in industry. The Sky Hooks also have applications in both industry (to hook window ledges or small cracks to hold an abseiler in a specific workplace) and sports (to hook small flakes in rock to assist climber progression).

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

EN354Personal fall protection equipment. Lanyards.
EN358Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height. Belts and lanyards for work positioning or restraint.
EN892Mountaineering equipment. Dynamic mountaineering ropes. Safety requirements and test methods.
EACEurAsian Conformity marking confirms full compliance with the “Basic Safety Requirements”, which are specified in the Technical Regulations.

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