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Petzl C45N Flexible Rope Protector

The Petzl Protec helps protect a fixed rope from abrasion, a rugged, lightweight sheath manufactured from TPU (without PVC) with Velcro closure for easy and quick installation with a spring clip that holds the rope protector in place.

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RopePro K-Pro Edge Protector with an Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) Layer 80cm

The K-Pro rope protector has a standard design compromising of two layers of heavy duty canvas with an additional Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) layer in between (With built in peep hole) - Rated and Tested.

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Beal Rope Defender

Please Note: The universal rope protector positioning clamp (Croco) is an additional item, please use the drop down to select Beal Rope Defender with or without this clamp.

Flexible sleeve made from 2.2mm coiled steel which serves to protect ropes from sharp edges. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts to all angles. The spirals that are in contact with the edge squeeze together under the rope's movement therefore ensuring total protection. The steel sleeve is virtually indestructible. Its reinforced rubber protecting cover exists as a separate part and may be easily replaced.

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Rope Pro - Pro Pad Plus - Rated and tested

Heavy duty edge rope protection with 4 layers of tough canvas, 2 of which form part of a replaceable wear sheet (the yellow section in the images - contains a 15mm thick natural fibre pad for extra padding). Rated and Tested.