Spanset Gotcha Constant Rate Descender Rescue Kit

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Spanset Gotcha Rescue Kit CRD 

The Spanset Gotcha Rescue CRD Kit is a pre-assembled rescue and evacuation system, designed to lower a casualty safely at a constant rate with no risk of an uncontrolled descent. The kit can also be used to lift casualties over a short distance.

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Spanset Gotcha Rescue Kit CRD 

The Gotcha CRD device can be used for evacuation from tall structures such as tower cranes and wind turbines. CE marked to EN341 Class A and EN1496, the Gotcha CRD comes complete with a 100m length of rope, an integrated (sewn in) connector, and incorporates a sling and carry bag.

The kit now comes in a clear vacuum / environmentally sealed bag which means the device does not have to go back to the manufacturer or service agent unless the seal is broken or the bag / kit shows any sign of damage. It is only at the 8 year point that the kit would need to go back to the manufacturer to have the rope replaced. 6 monthly and 12 monthly PPE / LOLER inspections can be done by a competent person.

Key Features

  • Suitable for Rescue from - Vertical situations where you can access the casualty.
  • Suitable for evacuation from - High Structures where constant rate lowering and minimal user input are required.
  • This is a no cut kit - The casualty is raised to release their original attachment.
  • Rescue direction - You can lower the casualty to safety and additionally it is possible to raise a casualty for limited distances.
  • Evacuation direction - The user can descend to safety at a constant rate controlled by the device.
  • Pre assembled - No assembly is required by the user
  • Assisted rescue - The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.
  • Lone evacuation - A single person can descend to safety.
  • Multiple Evacuation - Once the first user has safely descended the system can be used by additional users in quick succession.
  • Two person use - The Gotcha CRD is rated for loads up to 225kg.
  • Maximum working lengths - The Gotcha CRD is available in lengths of up to 100 metres for loads up to 225kg. For loads up to 150kg it is available in lengths of up to 400 metres.(Please call for aditional rope price)

Where possible we try to keep product labels visible during sealing / packing to make ongoing inspection simple.

Where the kit has been removed from the packaging only a “competent” person certified by SpanSet should carryout scheduled inspection and maintenance.

Any products returned to SpanSet for service and inspection will be re-packed into an environmentally sealed clear bag before return.

The life expectancy of the rope is 8 years from date of manufacture.
However the kits can be re-roped to prolong this lifespan in the same way a fall arrest block can be “serviced” and recertified.

In addition to the usual Gotcha CRD kit, we also offer the kit with a remote rescue pole and attached included – this is the Gotcha CRD Reach kit.
We also supply the CRD device to some customers with the addition of a ladder bracket, making the device easier to use for rescue from ladder climbing systems.
Please contact Abaris if you would like a quotation or more details of either of these options.


Maintenance, Inspection and Lifespan.

How long will it last?

The lifespan of the “GOTCHA” CRD Kit is limited by the following:

  • The product has a maximum shelf-life of 10 years from the date of manufacture.
  • The product has a maximum service-life of 5 years from the date of first use.
  • The lifespan may also be reduced by the effects of damage or wear and tear.
  • The lifespan will cease at the point when any one of these conditions is met.
  • The condition of the product must be controlled in accordance with BS8437:2005, this requires regular inspections to be carried out by a competent person.
  • SpanSet can also environmentally seal kits that are going to be left in remote location where access to a trained equipment inspector may be limited.
Relevant Standard and Quality Assurance.

How has it been tested?

The “GOTCHA” CRD Kit is CE marked under the Personal Protective Equipment Directive.
The CE marking process includes independent testing to:

  • EN341:1993 – Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Descender devices.
  • EN1496:1996 – Rescue Equipment. Rescue Lifting Devices.
  • The SpanSet manufacturing process is quality con-trolled and audited by the British Standards Institute to the international standard for quality management ISO9001:2008.
Specification and Materials

What is it made from and why?

It comes Pre-assembled for quick set-up and use and making it simple to inspect. It is made using the following construction:

  • Polyester Anchorage Sling Endless sling with 70kN MBS 100% sleeved construction.
  • 9mm Kernmantle Rope Supple to handle and easy to adjust robust rope construction for durability.
  • 3 Alloy Screw-gate Karabiners Captivating eye onto device and line to ensure correct loading and prevent loss.

Additional SpanSet Features:

  • Individual Serial Numbering – All SpanSet Height safety products are individually serial numbered for traceability.
Product Records and Information

What paperwork is supplied?

The following paper work is included with this product:

  • Multilingual Instructions with pictorial guide
  • Individual Product History Card – This record card contains all the documentation required to maintain the product. The front forms the European Declaration of Conformity and the table on the reverse can be completed to form the inspection record.
  • Pocket Inspection Guide – This simple to follow pocket card identifies the key areas requiring inspection.

What training is required?

Although in itself this is a simple item to use, there are three stages that should be considered as part of the process as a whole. Training is available for all the stages outlined at the SpanSet training school in Middlewich or subject to suitability on a site of your choice:

  • Assessment and planning – Training Module 9 Management of Work At Height
  • Use – Training Module 1 Height Safety Equipment Appreciation and Inspection followed by an appropriate practical module.
  • Inspection and Maintenance – Training Module 1 and Module 7 Competent Person Practical Inspection & Record Keeping.
  • All training for work at height is conducted in accordance with BS8454:2006 and is audited as part of our ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

For additional information on training please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE! that controlled rate descender (CRD) rescue devices are made to order and thus classified special order, non-returnable except for manufacturing fault.



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