Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

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Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit containing the equipment needed for hauling/ascending in crevasse rescue situations: Micro Traxion, Tibloc, Partner Pulley, 120 cm ST’Anneau sling, 2 x OK Screw-Lock karabiners

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Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

The Crevasse Rescue Kit contains everything needed for setting up a hauling system or a rope ascent in case of a fall into a crevasse.  This kit is essential for glacier travel or training courses, alpinists and freeriders. This kit allows rapid deployment and use in crevasse rescue NB: Use with rope (not part of the kit!) and appropriate skills.


Individual products within the kit:

  • Petzl Micro Traxion is an ultra-light, ultra-compact progress capture pulley which is exceptionally efficient. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley. Works even on frozen or muddy ropes.
  • Petzl Tibloc - Extremely lightweight and compact: an efficient piece of basic equipment for a worker on a rope or a rescue worker. Versatile: this rope clamp is easy to use with a locking carabiner for ascending ropes or for setting up hauling systems (progress capture). Equipped with teeth and a self-cleaning slot, it can be used on dirty or icy ropes. Attachment hole for keeper cord.
  • Petzl Partner pulley is compact and light, yet ensures excellent efficiency thanks to its aluminium sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings.
  • Petzl St'Anneau sling is made from a combination of Dyneema and nylon; it is both supple and abrasion resistant. The 120 cm length has multiple uses: foot strap for self-rescue ascending, connection for the Mini Traxion to the anchor, or part of the re-direct in a hauling system
  • Weatherproof guide with a karabiner attachment hole allows the user to affix it to his harness for quick access during crevasse rescue situations
  • The OK Screwlock oval karabiners are perfect for use with the Micro Traxion and Partner pulley.

Technical Information

  • Weight: 370g.
  • Kit containing: 1 MICRO TRAXION pulley, 2 OK SCREW-LOCK carabiners, 1 TIBLOC, 1 PARTNER pulley, 120 cm ST’ANNEAU sling.
  • Rope compatibility: 8 to 11mm

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