Tractel Evak 500 Rope Winch Hoist

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Tractel Evak 500

The Tractel Evak 500 winch hoist is a manual rope winch offering unlimited travel with a 500kg capacity. Specially designed for rescue operations for use exclusively with Tractel Textile static 12.5mm rope.

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Tractel Evak 500

The EVAK 500 is a winch-hoist with unlimited length of textile rope and a lifting or pulling capacity of 500Kg. It has been specifically designed for use by the professionals of emergency rescue services. It is a machine for lifting or pulling a person or materials by the to-and-fro movement of a lever linked to two self-gripping sliding jaw blocks. It must be used in conjunction with an independent safety device, ensuring that the load, appropriately attached to the safety device, is held securely at all times.

The Evak 500 is fitted with a safety device to limit the effort applied to protect the textile rope. A shear pin is set for an effort applied to the lever of about 40daN, which corresponds to a traction force on the textile rope of about 500daN. 

Key Features

  • Nominal capacity: 500daN.
  • Effort on lever for 250daN load: 18daN.
  • Effort on lever to break shear pin: 40daN.
  • Breaking strength of Tractel textile rope 12.5mm: 3500daN.
  • Rope lengths available: 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m and 200m.

Tractel EvaK 500 Diagram

1. Aluminium jaw.

2. Body in zinged steel.

3. Aluminium guide pulley.

4. Lever.



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