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Beal 11mm Apollo Dynamic Rope

Beal Apollo is a tough dynamic rope capable of surviving the demands of outdoor centres and big walls. This rope is also suitable for Industrial Cowstails. Beal ropes have individual unique codes which allow easy identification at any time

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Beal 10.2mm x 60m Diablo Dynamic Rope

Beal Diablo Dynamic 10.2mm rope benefitting from the UNICORE Process suffer less sheath slippage, stay supple, have good handling and have a longer lifetime. 60 meters

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Beal 10.5mm x Top Gun II Unicore (Dry Cover) Dynamic Rope

The Beal Top Gun II Unicore 10.5mm(Dry Cover) rope is a hard wearing all round dynamic climbing rope suitable for beginners, improvers and heavy rope users. The Unicore technology eliminates sheath slippage making the rope safer and suitable for some industrial applications.

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Beal 9.4mm Ferrata specialist rope

Beal Single rope designed for optimum use by a roped party of 3 to 4 on VIA FERRATAS. 28M

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Beal 10.5mm Wall Master 6 Unicore

Designed specifically for the climbing wall environment - the thicker sheath associated with the Uni Core process makes for a tougher rope perfectly adapted to resist wear due to repeated belays and low impact falls. The astonishing Uni Core process permanently binds the sheath to the core of the rope radically decreasing the occurrence of slippage. 

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Beal 9.8mm x 60m Diablo dynamic unicore rope

The Beal Diablo 9.8mm is a durable rope with a finely woven sheath for great handling and easy clipping. The Unicore technology aids in prolonging the life of your rope as well as increasing safety levels.

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Beal Joker 9.1mm Dynamic Unicore Single Rope

Beal Joker - The JOKER is in effect at the same time a single rope, a half rope and a twin rope. This rope will be loved by the most extreme climbers, seeking lightness and easy running, as much as by more traditional climbers seeking a multi-purpose rope for ridge routes or classic face routes, mixed ice and snow, or snow alone. 

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Beal Booster III 9.7mm Dynamic Single Rope - 60m

Compact, easy-running and ultra-light, this, the pioneer of thin ropes fits in everywhere. It offers excellent strength for very experienced climbers.

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Beal 11mm Apollo Dynamic Rope (Black)

Beal Apollo is a dynamic rope. These ropes have individual unique codes which allows easy identification at any time.

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Lyon Industrial Cowstail 4m or 5m Lengths

A basic dynamic rope that conforms to EN892 produced by beal for Lyon. Suitable for a range of applications. This rope is supplied as a hanked bundle. Colours vary. Length 4m or 5m length, Diameter 11mm. 

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Singing Rock Industrial Cows Tail

The Singing Rock Cowstail is a pre-cut length of dynamic rope which can be tied to the main attachment point of a harness and used as an anchor lanyard (sometimes also called a device lanyard), as part of a rope access system. They are normally tied to give three fixed length lanyards; two long and one short. Available in 4m, and 5m lengths.

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Teufelberger Dynaflex Dynamic 11.3mm Climbing Rope

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One of the cheapest dynamic rope in UK - Teufelberger Dynaflex Dynamic 11.3mm Climbing Rope is a durable dynamic rope designed for use in industry (for lead climbing up towers or for industrial cowstails), for rope rescue and for sports climbing.

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Petzl PUR LINE 6mm Rope

Ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable hyperstatic cord designed for climbers and alpinists, for hauling packs and retrieving single ropes during rappels.

Designed for climbers and alpinists, the PUR LINE 6 mm is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable cord for hauling a pack or retrieving a single rope during a rappel. It is hyperstatic and features a rough-textured sheath, for good grip and easy handling. It is available in two lengths: 65-meter and 200-meter rolls.

Abseil and Climbing Ropes and Cords - Low stretch (Semi-static) Rope, Dynamic Climbing Ropes and Accessory Cords for a multitude of uses including Prussiks (Prusik).

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

EN354Personal fall protection equipment. Lanyards.
EN564Mountaineering equipment. Accessory cord. Safety requirements and test methods.
EN892Mountaineering equipment. Dynamic mountaineering ropes. Safety requirements and test methods.
EN1891 Personal protective equipment for the prevention of falls from a height. Low stretch kernmantel ropes.

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