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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Chest strap Is Not PPE.

Petzl Secur Chest Strap

The new Petzl chest strap / shoulder strap is lightweight and very quick to put on. The new double back buckles with patented design allows easy adjustment for correct length, attaches to the back of the hip belt on the Petzl sit harnesses and the Petzl Secur chest strap, allowing the Petzl CROLL chest rope clamp to remain correctly positioned in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents.

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Petzl Voltige Chest Harness

The Petzl Voltige Chest Harness is an easy to use, compact, adjustable (one-size-fits-all) chest harness. It can easily be linked to a sit harness using a connector such as a karabiner to form a full body harness ideal for adventure parks or for use with children or small -framed adults.

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Petzl 8003 full body harness for adults

The Petzl full body harness is a great harness even when you are not tied in to the rope, it remains correctly adjusted close to the body.  Easily access the double tie-in point conveniently located at chest level, add your gear to the two cord equipment loops with wide and flexible webbing, you'll have plenty of mobility for a perfect fit, modify the shoulder height adjustment and leg loop widths as well as the elastic chest and back webbing.

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Petzl ASPIC Tactical Harness

The Petzl Aspic harness is a one size compact and lighweight sit harness designed specifically for the military. With removeable comfort foam, it is adaptable, lightweight and compact. For use as a military climbing and mountaineering harness.

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Petzl Chest'Air Chest harness can be paired with the Falcon, Falcon Mountain, Avao Sit and Sequoia SRT sit harnesses to convert them into fall arrest harnesses. May also appeal to arborists and route setters!

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Petzl Falcon Harness Black(Seat harness for work in suspension)

Petzl Falcon Harness Black - Designed for rescue professionals in firefighting, mountain rescue, technical rescue etc. Petzl has designed a particularly light and comfortable waistbelt and leg loops for the Falcon harnesses in order to facilitate mobility when walking, horizontal movements during suspension, etc.

The harness has a rear buckle which allows a chest harness to be attached when winching a load up to a helicopter or for ascending a rope, for example. The harness is also equipped to maximize functionality for rescue professionals: multiple attachment points, soft or rigid tool holders, slots for Caritool tool holder.

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Petzl Avao Sit Harness Black

This Petzl Avao Sit Harness has a wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops that give excellent support. Its lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow. The harness also facilitates carrying and organizing work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching Caritool tool holders and Toolbag tool-holder pouches.

This seat harness is designed to be converted into a fall arrest harness when combined with a Top chest harness, or into a rope access harness when combined with a Top Croll S or L chest harness. The Avao Sit features leg loops with DoubleBack self-locking buckles.

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Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness Black

Please Note! Petzl have changed the waist-belt of the AVAO harnesses. They have increased the height and width, and reduced the padding; making it less comfortable while working in suspension.

The Black Petzl Avao Bod fast harness has been designed to be a comfortable harness for fall arrest and work positioning. The new waist-belt is manufactured from a lightweight, breathable construction to maximizes air flow, the semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support