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Ferno Arachnipod Edge Management System

The Arachnipod is the most adapatable edge management system on the market today. It is a single product with the ability to be easily transformed into a Monopod / Gin pole, Bipod / A frame (Bipod with 'lazy leg' - extendable third leg), Tripod, Quadpod or Extended 'Bridge' Quadpod, making it suitable for all varieties of access and rescue where edge management is required (Cliff-faces, Manholes, High-rises, trenches / Ditches..) Its hinge connections make assembling and disassembling very easy and thus reduce the need for constant refresher training on its use.

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Lyon Larkin Rescue Frame

The Larkin Rescue Frame is an edge management system designed for use in any lifting or lowering operation where the top edge is likely to present problems. The Larkin Rescue Frame can be pivoted back and forth (similar in function to an A frame with lazy leg) to allow ropes and anything attached to them to hang freely over an edge (when redirected via one of the frame apexes / apices). 

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Lyon Obelisk Quadpod

The Lyon Obelisk Quad-Pod with adaptable beam head section provides more stability than a conventional tripod. With a 2.2m clearance from the swivel attachment/s to ground level, it offers great clearance. It has also been tested in it's different configurations and will work extremely well for all emergency service teams. 

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Kong Grizzly

Used as a component of a retrieval system, allows lifting and lowering of loads by positioning on the edge of a wall and avoiding the rubbing of the ropes against obstacles. Thanks to the rotary movement of the structure, GRIZZLY makes easier the recovery of the load.

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Skylotec Jackpod TRI 2 Tripod

This Skylotec Jackpod Tri II product has been specifically designed and carefully manufactured to provide reliable operation in many different safety-at-heights applications.
Manufactured from high quality aluminium tubing this light weight tripod is easy to set up and take down.

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Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex Multi-pod

The Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex Multipod is a very adaptable portable anchor / edge management device, that adapts to almost any terrain or set-up location. It is easily configured as a Tripod, a Bipod, or a Monopod. Lightweight, man-portable (individual parts can be split amongst a team), it is a must for rescue organisations looking for a rescue tripod or A frame.

Tripods and Quadpods designed for confined space rescue and specialist access.

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

EN365Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking and packaging.
EN795Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor devices.

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