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Latchways TowerLatch Fall Protection Device

The Latchways ManSafe TowerLatch for tower fall protection solutions have the inherent flexibility to be configured for use on virtually any design of power transmission tower. The TowerLatch is often specified within the transmission industry and is used on bespoke systems installed on electricity pylons.

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Latchways LadderLatch Fall Protection Device

The Latchways ManSafe for ladders system provides outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed industrial ladder. Applications include chimneys, towers, cranes and silos.

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Protecta Cabloc Traveller With Energy Absorber

Cabloc AC350/4 Traveller with energy absorber for use with 8mm Cabloc stainless steel cable systems.

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Kong Frog Aluminium Automatic Closure Karabiner

The Kong Frog is a revolutionary directional connector with an automatic clamping action that engages when it touches the anchor point.