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Double Action Scaffold Hook

Double Action Scaffold Hook. Made from Zinc plated steel.

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Auto-locking aluminium connector with large opening.

Ideal for connections to cables, bars and beams.

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Petzl Eashook Open Karabiner

The Petzl Eashook Open karabiner is designed for use at the ends of a double lanyard or work positioning lanyard. The gated connection point allows for direct attachment of the karabiner to the lanyards. If the lanyard is damaged, the connector can thus be reused. The excellent grip and automatic locking system facilitate handling when passing intermediate anchors.

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DMM Pear Kwiklock (Double Action) Scaffold Hook

Auto-locking gate requiring two separate actions to open. Kwiklock gates are suitable when auto-locking gates are a necessity, but rigging systems are relatively static and anchor points are easy to monitor.

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Skylotec double action scaffold hook. Manufactured from aluminium and steel. This large scaffold hook connector is ANSI Rated (Tested and rated for a side loading).

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Petzl MGO Double Action Scaffold Hook With Open Captive Eye

Retro-fittable scaffold hook. This very clever scaffold hook design features a gated connection point allowing it to be retro-fitted to a lanyard. This should prove popular with regular lanyard users who have had to replace the whole lanyard previously (now you can replace the webbing / rope sections but reuse the scaffold MGO hooks!) 

The MGO hook is an autolocking double action connector which requires the user to push the plate on the rear of hook with the palm of their hand then pull the front lever inwards to open (double action). Its large opening (6.3cm) makes it perfect for clipping to cables and bars. 

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Petzl MGO 110 Double Action Scaffold Hook With Open Captive Eye

Auto-locking directional connector with large gate opening, and a gated connection point.

MGO OPEN is an auto-locking directional connector with a large gate opening for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars. It has a gated connection point for attachment to different types of lanyards. If the lanyard is damaged, the connector can thus be reused. MGO OPEN is available in two versions. Order.

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Karabiners and connectors are used in rope-intensive activities such as climbing, caving, sailing, rope rescue, construction, industrial rope work, and window cleaning. They are made from both steel and aluminium. Those used in sports tend to be of a lighter weight than those used in commercial applications and rope rescue. Abaris sell a wide range from Petzl and DMM.

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

EN362Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Connectors.
EN12275Mountaineering P.P.E. standard: rock climbing, climbing walls, caving, canyoning.
EN12277Mountaineering equipment. Harnesses. Safety requirements and test methods
ANSI Z359.12Connecting Components For Personal Fall Arrest Systems.
EACEurAsian Conformity marking confirms full compliance with the “Basic Safety Requirements”, which are specified in the Technical Regulations.

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