Petzl Jag Pre-rigged Pick-off Rescue Hauling System

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Petzl Jag Hauling System

The Petzl Jag System is a pre-assembled hauling kit designed for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system. It comprises a Jag Traxion, Jag pulley, two Am’D Triact-Lock karabiners, a 7.7 mm lightweight rope and a flexible cover. Certified to European and Russian standards.
Available in three lengths: 1, 2, and 5m.

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Petzl Jag Hauling System

The Jag System haul kit for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system, thanks to its 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent efficiency (sheaves with sealed ball bearings). The collapsed kit is very compact, making usage possible even if the distance to the anchor is very short. The Jag System haul kit is quick and easy to deploy: it is ready to use thanks to the flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling. The haul end is colour coded for instant identification. It is available in three lengths: 1, 2 and 5 meters.

Use the Jag System to haul and release a load, or a person in difficulty.

The Jag System contains:
  • Jag Traxion: double progress capture pulley, with toothed cam, sealed ball bearings and becket eye.
  • Jag pulley: double pulley with sealed ball bearings.
  • Am’D Triact-Lock karabiner x 2: lightweight, aluminium, asymmetric D-shaped, auto-locking.
  • 7.7 mm lightweight rope.
  • Flexible cover.

The Jag Traxion allows the rope to slide in one direction, and lock in the other direction. The cam’s teeth initiate the clamping action, then the rope pinches against the sheave and locks.
The Jag double pulley is designed for use with the JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley to make a 4:1 haul system. Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency.

The Am’D lightweight asymmetric karabiner is made of aluminium. It has a D shape particularly suited for connection to diverse equipment such as descenders or positioning lanyards. Its fluid interior design and Keylock system facilitate handling.

The flexible cover prevents the risk of the kit tangling whilst in storage and in use.

Key Features

Pre-assembled haul kit:

  • Allows pickoff's, making a releasable anchor, tensioning a system.
  • Can be coupled with an I'D descender to make a reversible rescue kit to pick off and evacuate a victim.

Comes with:

  • Jag Traxion.
  • Jag.
  • Two Am'D Triact-Lock auto-locking Karabiners.
  • 7.7mm rope.
  • Flexible cover.

Quick and easy to deploy:

  • Kit always ready to use thanks to the flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling.
  • Haul end immediately identifiable thanks to the yellow colour on the end of the cover.
  • The ends of the cover hold the connectors in position to facilitate clipping.

Hauling effectiveness:

  • 91% efficiency.
  • Working load: 6kN.
  • Breaking strength: 16kN.
  • Breaking strength as progress capture pulley: 4kN.
  • 4:1 mechanical advantage allows user effort to be divided by 4.
  • Excellent efficiency due to sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings.
  • Deployment possible even when the distance to the anchor is very short, thanks to the extreme compactness of the collapsed system.

The Jag System meets Russian standards. The Jag System components meet European standards.

Field of Application:

Pre-assembled kit. Training and experience is recommended before use.

Haul system:

    Jag System: pre-rigged haul system with Am’D Triact-Lock EN 362:2004/B (base) connectors.
    Jag Traxion: EN 567 double progress capture pulley - personal protective equipment (PPE).
    Jag: EN 12278 double pulley - personal protective equipment (PPE).
    This product must not be pushed beyond its limits, nor be used for any purpose other than that for which it is designed.


    Verify that this product is compatible with the other elements of the system in your application (compatible = good functional interaction). Equipment used with your Jag Traxion, Jag or Jag System must meet current standards in your country (e.g. EN 362 connectors).
    To make up a haul kit from separately-sold pulleys, use only 8-11 mm kernmantel rope (EN 892 dynamic, EN 1891 semi-static, or static).

Please read the technical notice for full details.


  • Efficiency: 91%.
  • Maximum working load: 2 x 1.5kN x2 = 6kN
  • Breaking strength: 16kN
  • Breaking strength as progress capture pulley: 4kN
  • Rope diameter: 7.7mm
References P044AA00 P044AA01 P044AA02
Deployed length 1m 2m 5m
Collapsed length 0.32m 0.34m 0.40m
Weight 610g 805g 1460g


What length Jag System is supplied with the Jag Rescue Kit?

The 1 meter Jag System is supplied as standard.

Does the Jag system have its own unique serial number?

No, the Jag system itself does not have its own unique identification number, instead each component is marked.
When the system is first put into use, each component will need to be recorded onto a PPE service log as part of the system. At each subsequent inspection each component part of the system will need to be inspected and details recorded. If components are replaced, this too will need to be recorded.



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1m, 2m, 5m,


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