Lyon Synergy Reach Pole

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Please note bag colour may vary this can be Hi Viz Yellow or Orange. 

Lyon Synergy Reach Pole

Lyon Synergy Reach Pole - is primarily intended to aid the remote connection of the Synergy pick off rescue kit to a fallen worker.

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Lyon Synergy Reach Pole

The Synergy reach pole is primarily intended to aid the remote connection of the Synergy pick off rescue kit to a fallen worker. It is especially useful in situations where the casualty is suspended from a deployed fall arrest lanyard, providing the option for recovery without the rescuer having to descend to the casualty.

Key Features

  • Supplied complete with a fitted connector mount and separate MGO type connector.
  • Comes in its own transport bag, fitted with a single shoulder strap and separate haul loop.
  • Can be attached to the Synergy pick off rescue kit bag for carrying and stowing.
  • Maximum extended length 3.8m
  • Can be used for other purposes where extended reach is required such as connecting a flexible anchorage line to an elevated anchor point.

Technical Update – Revision to the LYON REACH POLE HOOK

The scaffold hook fitted to the Lyon Reach Pole has been discontinued by the supplier.
Reach Poles manufactured from January 2017 will be fitted with an alternative scaffold hook and bracket that has been selected specifically for this application.

Lyon Synergy Reach Pole

The scaffold hooks and brackets are not interchangeable.
The pre-2017 bracket is too wide to hold the new scaffold hook securely.
The pre-2017 scaffold hook is too wide for the new bracket.
Users requiring a replacement scaffold hook for the pre-2017 Reach Pole
will need to return their Reach Pole to Lyon Equipment Limited for an
updated bracket to be fitted.

If users are unsure of the manufacture date of their Reach Pole, if the bracket has the spacers (arrowed) fitted, it is a pre-2017 model.

Lyon Synergy Reach Pole Bracket

Replacement of the bracket is a chargeable service – please ask for pricing.



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