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Singing Rock Oval Steel Screwgate Karabiner

Steel connector for work at heights. Designed especially for industrial use, the oval shape makes them ideal for use with pulleys, tackles, ascenders or descenders

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Singing Rock Steel D Screwgate Karabiner

Steel D-shaped connector for work at heights.

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Singing Rock Footer II

The Footer II is lightweight and has a reinforced easily adjustable footloop.

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Singing Rock Oxy Triple Lock Karabiner

Hot-forged light alloy oval karabiner designed to be used especially with pulleys, ascenders and descenders.

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Singing Rock Ozone Triple Lock Oval Karabiner

Oval karabiner designed to be used with pulleys, ascenders and descenders. Its almost oval shape makes the carabiner easy to turn around in slings or attachment/anchor points.

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Singing Rock Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

Auxiliary sling preventing effects of suspension trauma after a fall.

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Singing Rock Cam Clean Ascender

Compact and lightweight chest ascender for safe and smooth ascent, rescue and special rope techniques.

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Singing Rock Franklin Work Positioning Seat

Work positioning seat provides more comfort when hanging in the harness.

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The Profi Worker 3D harness with easy-lock buckles enables smooth adjustment and a super comfortable wide padded waist belt providing maximum comfort when working at height.

SINGING ROCK is one of the world leaders on the market of climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at height, military and rescue. The company is located in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic near Krkonoše National Park and Bohemian Paradise where are situated the amazing sand stone rock climbing areas. Most of their staff are climbers and together with their sponsored athletes and professionals they are able to develop, test and improve their high quality climbing and personal protective equipment.