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Kong Grizzly

Used as a component of a retrieval system, which allows lifting and lowering of loads by positioning on the edge of a wall and avoiding the rubbing of the ropes against obstacles. Thanks to the rotary movement of the structure, Grizzly makes easier the recovery of the load.

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Kong Frog Aluminium Automatic Closure Karabiner

The Kong Frog is a revolutionary directional connector with an automatic clamping action that engages when it touches the anchor point.

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Kong Oka Canyoning Descender

A descender especially conceived for canyoning, designed not only for progression on rope but also for use in emergency, recovery and rescue situations which are very difficult to manage with other devices.

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Kong Clack Magnetic Tool Holder

Innovative magnetic holster for harness, eliminates any snagging typical of conventional systems.

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Kong Hydrobot Canyoning Descender

Hydrobot is a special tool conceived for modern canyoning; it can be used both with one or two ropes and allows easy braking variation under load.

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Kong Rally Bent Rigging Plate

Kong Rally Bent Rigging Plate allows the creation of complex anchorages, suspended in the void, braced, in series and in parallel.

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Kong Gi-Gi Tactical Belay Plate

Multipurpose hot-forged aluminum plate for use with single, double and twin ropes.

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Kong Slyde Guide Plate

A practical and versatile piece of equipment for experienced climbers and alpinists - the multi-purpose Slyde from Kong.