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Skylotec ACX Power Ascender Replacement Battery

Powerful battery to extend the ACX POWER ASCENDER kit (POA-001)

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Ronin MR400 Powered Ascender

The machine is the lightest on the market. It weighs only 11 kg with battery. It works at its best with ropes with 2-3% elasticity. It is quick and flexible to use. The batteries are changed easily and safely also when used at a height.

The Ascender is certified for a maximum weight of 400 lbs/181kg, but with the right rope it can lift 250kg e.g. in a rescue situation. As a safety measure, there is an automatic overheating device which stops the motor if it is overheated. After a short rest it can be run again. We recommend, however, that during regular conditions, you work in accordance with the certification of the ascender – maximum 400 lbs/181kg – so as not to damage it.

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Harken Industrial Gas PowerSeat® Ascender

The Harken Industrial Gas PowerSeat® ascender has revolutionized working at height, providing the worker with the ability to ascend quickly, stay in position longer, and work in comfort. The PowerSeat provides quality, convenience, safety, and is the best solution for completing a task on time. Fuel consumption varies with weight and usage, but the motor is extremely efficient and only uses a few liters of unleaded gas with 4-stroke mix for a full day’s work at height. 

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Harken Industrial Battery PowerSeat® Ascender

The Harken Industrial™ Battery PowerSeat unveils new possibilities in enclosed and confined space rope access and rescue. The Battery PowerSeat quietly delivers a powerful 300 kilogram (661 lb) hoist capability with controlled sensitivity to perform the most delicate rescues, or precise maneuvering of materials and components for installation or maintenance.

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Rope Supplied Separately! A variety of different ropes and rope lengths available.

Skylotec ACX Power Ascender

In combination with our proven SKYRAIL, the battery-operated ACX POWER ASCENDER forms a highly flexible facade access system for the simple cleaning and maintenance of complex building structures. The SKYRAIL is mounted to the facia or facade and both the working rope (e.g. SUPER STATIC 11.0) and the backup rope are connected to a SKYRAIL runner. For building cleaners and maintenance technicians, it is child's play to move across a facade or rope up loads, because no muscle power is required. Movement with the device is possible from top to bottom and from left to right and vice versa - so any desired working position can be achieved. In addition, no expensive facade access system or mobile elevated work platform is required. In an emergency, the ACX can be controlled by remote control. The operation and use of the ACX is quick and easy to learn.

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