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Ridgegear Steel Oval Screwgate Karabiner

The RGK1 is mainly used for rope access and fall arrest applications but is also popular in the rescue industry.

The screwgate closure on this device means that the user must manually lock the RGK1 keeper after fitting.

RGK1s are the basic universal karabiner used within the industry.

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Ridgegear 2m Adjustable Work Restraint Lanyard

Ridgegear RGL12 adjustable work restraint lanyard. 2m in length supplied with various types of connectors please choose above. 

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Ridgegear 1 Point (Rear D) Fall Arrest Harness

The Ridgegear RGH1 harness is a basic access harness fitted with a rear 'D' only. 

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Ridgegear 2 Point (Front and Rear D) Fall Arrest Harness

Ridgegear RGH2 harness is an excellently priced fully adjustable 2 point fall arrest harness fitted with a rear 'D' and front chest 'D' and rip stitch indicators. Ideal as a IPAF MEWP approved harness for cherry picker use. 

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RGH5 - Rescue Harness

This three point safety harness has been designed for confined space access.
Each connection point (front, rear, rescue strap*) can be used as standard fall arrest attachment points. The rescue strap can also be used for lifting and lowering.

Available in Grey, High Visibility Yellow(GLOW) or High Visibility and Luminous(SUPER GLOW)

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Ridgegear Adjustable 1.2m - 1.8m Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Ridgegear RGL13 single leg adjustable webbing shock absorbing lanyard.

The lanyard length can be adjusted to suit the application so potential trip hazards can be avoided and potential free fall distance can be reduced which is less possible with a non-adjusting lanyard. This lanyard should be used when the operative is working from a static position and connected to a fixed anchor point.

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Ridgegear RGH14 Adventure Harness

The Ridgegear adventure harness has been specifically designed to cater for a wide age and size variance. The sizes range from Age 6 through to adult.

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Ridgegear IPAF Kit

This compelete cherry picker / MEWP* kit is approved to the requirements of the IPAF† technical guidance notes TGN H1/05/05.

The Ridgegear complete harness safety kit combines the Ridgegear RGH2 front & rear "D" harness and a RGL12 adjustable restraint lanyard. The kit is designed to give maximum protection against vertical ejection from boom type hydraulic work platforms.

Lanyard adjusts from 113 -200cm (not including connectors). 

* Mobile Elevating Work Platform
† International Powered Access Federation

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Ridgegear Lanyard & Shock Absorber With Scafold Hooks and karabiner

This Ridgegear RGL9 twin elasticated lanyard with shock absorber is supplied at 1.1m in length relaxed and 1.8m outstretched. With aluminium scaffold hooks and a steel screwgate karabiner.

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RGH4 - Front, Rear & Side D Safety Harness

The RGH4 combines the basic fall arrest safety harness with a comfortable work positioning belt in one unit.

Fitted with a rear D and two side D rings mounted to the belt. 

This comfortable harness is designed for operatives who spend a lot of time working at height and in exposed areas. The RGH4 is a ‘multitask’ harness and will allow operatives to access almost any area in safety using a combination of the RIDGEGEAR products available.

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Ridgegear RGH11 Utility Harness

The RGH11 is a utility harness for most applications. With front and rear D’s for fall arrest and rescue, and work positioning side D’s for hands-free working. The design eliminates webbing stress areas and evens distribution of forces in the event of a fall.

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Ridgegear Utility Multi-Purpose Pole strap

The RGP11 is a multi-purpose pole strap, and has been specifically designed with a controlled release adjuster buckle to ensure safe operation and adjustment. As with the other pole straps, it should be clipped to the side D rings of a harness or work positioning belt. It can also be used individually if required. The twisted snap hook and two part triangle / karabiner ensures flat surface contact with pole whilst working.

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Ridgegear Kernmantle Rope Lanyard & Shock Absorber

Fitted with a shock absorber pack, this kernmantle rope lanyard is used extensively by major utility companies. It can be attached directly to a suitable anchorage point or choked around a pole or similar structure.