Skylotec Milan 2.0 Auto-descent Rescue Device

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Skylotec Milan 2.0 Auto-descent Rescue Device

The Skylotec Milan 2.0 is one of the world's most popular auto Controlled Rate Descender (CRD) rescue device, ideally suited for rescue and evacuation from wind turbines, tower cranes, telecommunications towers and more.

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Skylotec Milan 2.0 Auto-descent Rescue Device

The Skylotec Milan 2.0 is one of the world's most popular auto controlled rate descenders (CRD), which allows two people to be evacuated simultaneously and speedily from a structure, be that a wind turbine, tower crane, telecomms mast etc. using a centrifugally controlled reinforced brake which keeps the speed constant during the entire descent.

The rope has connectors at both ends to enable it to be used in a yo-yo fashion, so that as soon as the first evacuees are on the ground, further evacuees can attach themselves and escape without having to recharge the device / pull rope through (if the rope length is the same height as the height of the structure. If it is not then a temporary attachment point can be tied into the rope when the first evacuees have safely landed on the ground).

Using Super Static 9mm rope, the Milan 2.0 rescue kit is small compared to rescue devices which use ropes of 10.5mm in diameter. The housing is constructed of milled aircraft grade aluminium making it very robust. 


  • The devices can be supplied with rope made exactly to your specific height requirement (some of the more popular lengths are shown in the dropdown below - Please contact us if you require a different length to any of those shown).
  • Also available with a Hub (wheel) to allow a casualty / evacuee to be lifted / ascend (Milan Hub 2.0 A-028) or with an attachment for a Skylotec Drill to speed an ascent (Milan Hub 2.0 Power A-029).
  • Available sealed in a 'Sealpac' to ease the burden of inspection (the Sealpac is an airtight bag within a heavy duty backpack or metal tin which allows the user to self-inspect the device yearly by checking a moisture meter to ensure there has been no ingress of moisture - the outer bag / tin can then be re-sealed and a new inspection sticker applied)  

Please Note: that controlled rate descender (CRD) rescue devices and accessories are made to order and thus classified special order, non-returnable except for manufacturing fault. Lead-times vary, please contact us if your order is time critical.



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