Petzl Trac Plus Zipline Pulley

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Petzl Trac Plus Pulley

Easy to install in-line pulley for use on ziplines and tyroleans. Equipped with an integrated karabiner making the unit drop-proof. Karabiner parks on each end of the Trac pulley protect progress karabiners from wear. For use on both wire or rope 9-13mm.

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Petzl Trac Plus Pulley

Featuring the integrated Vertigo Wire-Lock Park karabiner. (making the pulley easy to install and difficult to drop), fully aligned sheaves and side plate form to reduce the risk of pinched fingers as found on the original version, this version also has two 'parking' points for progression karabiners to stop them dragging along the cable during tyrolean traverses. The PLUS version has bespoke pulley sheaves mounted on a double row of ball races to cope with the increased heat of longer traverses.

Please note that the Trac and Trac Plus pulleys come disassembled (so a lanyard can be fitted before re-assembly).

Key Features

Ease of use:

  • Unit is drop-proof thanks to the Vertigo Wire-Lock Park Karabiner attached to the pulley.
  • Two in-line sheaves ensure good stability.
  • Front and rear fairings limit the risk of pinched fingers.

Special construction for intensive use:

  • longer life, thanks to the latest double-row ball bearing technology.
  • Vertigo Wire-Lock Park Karabiner with reinforced construction and hard anodization for greater resistance to damp and salty environments.
  • Two supports for the progression carabiners allow them to be protected from cable wear.
  • Joining piece distributes contact points between the karabiner and the pulley to increase the longevity of the karabiner.

Easier for the operator:

  • Clip-on, optimally shaped lockable cover (screws included) makes it easy to connect the Trac Plus to a pulley lanyard.
  • Identification with Datamatrix code for quick inspection of product.
  • Product comes ready to assemble (screws included).
  • Sold individually or in packs of 10.

Petzl Trac Plus Pulley



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Pulley Type
Tandem (In-line)
Pulleys Cheek
Fixed Cheek
Pulley Wheel Material
Stainless Steel
Pulley Rating (Breaking Load) kN
Pulley Efficiency
Bearing / High Efficiency
Minimum Rope Diameter (mm)
Maximum Rope Diameter (mm)
Maximum Cable Diameter
Working Load Limit (kN)
Max Breaking Strength (kN)


Industrial or Sport Use
Aluminium, Nylon, Stainless Steel,
Weight (g)