Abtech 5" Barrel mount kit w/ davit

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5” Barrel Mount Kit c/w 30105, 30109, 60005, AB15RT and Brackets

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5” Barrel Mount Kit c/w 30105, 30109, 60005, AB15RT and Brackets.

30105 - Large Upper Davit

Large Upper Davit, with an adjustable offest.

To be used with a Lower Davit and Base

  • Product Code: 30105
  • Conformance: Certified to EN795 CLASS B
  • Weight: 12kg 
  • Reach: 28” (711mm)
  • Height: 66” (1676mm)

30109 - Large Lower Davit

To be used with an Upper Mast Davit and Base 

  • Product Code: 30109 
  • Conformance: Certified to EN795 CLASS B 
  • Weight: 8kg 
  • Height: 52” (1321mm)

60005 - 30m Man Riding Winch

30m Man Riding Winch designed for use in a wide variety of confined space, work positioning, rescue and fall protection applications.

The winch may also be used in various material handling applications within the prescribed working load limits.

  • Product Code: 60005 
  • Conformance: BS EN 795, BS EN 1496 
  • Mechanical Advantage: 11:1 
  • Average Cranking Force: 30LBS (133N) 
  • Secondary Brake Stopping Distance: Maximum of 24” (610mm) 
  • Max User Weight (single reeved system): 140KG 
  • Max User Weight (double reeved system): 280KG 
  • Weight: 15KG 
  • Service Interval: 12 months

AB15RT - 

TORQ 15m Fall Arrest Recovery Device is designed to provide fall protection from falls from height.

Anchored above the user, it gives the user a safe area of work. 

The retracting line pays in and out of the device as the user moves. In the event of a fall, a brake engages, arresting the fall of the user with a controlled deceleration force. 

The AB15RT has an integral winch mechanism, so in the event of a fall, the top man will be able to raise or lower the user to a safe area. Swivel anchor eye on top. 

Can be mounted onto Abtech Tripods and Davit arms for access and egress from a confined space.

  • Product Code: AB15RT 
  • Conformance: BS EN 360 
  • Cable:15m x 5mm Galvanised Steel 
  • Max Recommended User Weight:150KG 
  • Weight; 10.40kg 
  • Service Interval:12 months

30161 - Barrel mount Bracket

Designed to be used with Davit Arms

To fit shoaring with a max width of 5”

  • Product Code: 30161 
  • Conformance: BS EN 795 TYPE B
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Mild Steel with CS-500 finish



Tripods / Quadpods

Tripods / Quadpods

Tripods / Quadpods
Confined Space
Confined Space


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN795 Class B , CE EN1496 , CE EN360 ,