Lyon Larkin Frame Edge Management System

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Lyon Larkin Rescue Frame

The Larkin Rescue Frame is an edge management system designed for use in any lifting or lowering operation where the top edge is likely to present problems. The Larkin Rescue Frame can be pivoted back and forth (similar in function to an A frame with lazy leg) to allow ropes and anything attached to them to hang freely over an edge (when redirected via one of the frame apexes / apices). 

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Lyon Larkin Rescue Frame

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Because of the cunning design of the Larkin Rescue Frame it is possible to place it right at the edge of the drop. Any slippage on a firm surface can be minimised by picking out a small locating hole for each hinge spike. On soft ground the optional soft ground feet can be fitted and a star picket driven through the triangular hole. If for any reason the hinge spike cannot be used the Larkin Rescue Frame is still very stable and any slippage of the base will always be away from the drop. It fails safe!

Two operators can readily assemble the full size Larkin Rescue Frame in less than 10 Minutes.

Key Features

  • Fits into most basket style stretchers.
  • Weighs only 40 kg.
  • Full size reach is 2.5 metres (half size 1.2 metres).
  • Constructed of high tenacity aluminium alloy.
  • Safe working load of 400 kg.
  • For freight, the Larkin Frame measures 202 x 24 x 30cm, and weighs about 44kg.



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