Checkmate Beam Slider

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Checkmate Beam Slider

The Checkmate - Beam Slider is an EN795 man riding beam anchor. Designed to slide along the beam as the user traverses its length ensuring the attachment point remains above the worker to reduce fall distances and the effects of a pendulum swing fall.

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Checkmate Beam Slider

Checkmate Beam Super Slider Anchors are designed for fall protections, rope access and work positioning. Constructed with lightweight aircraft aluminum bars and 360° swivel D-Ring connector. The clamp attaches without tools to I-Beams either overhead or underfoot.


  1. Locate a structural steel beam flange capable of withstanding a 5,000-lbs. Static load or meeting OSHA 1926.502 requirements for a safety factor of two. Avoid swing fall hazards.
  2. Push in on the latch handle to allow the adjustable hook to move.
  3. Fit the hooks over the edges of the beam flange, keeping the unit perpendicular to the beam.
  4. Slide the adjustable hook so that both hooks are snug against the beam flange.
  5. Pull back on the adjustable hook to ensure the ratchet teeth are fully seated in the nearest ratchet notches.
  6. Tug, rock, and twist the anchor in all directions to ensure that it cannot come off of the flange.

*Always re-adjust according to steps 1-6, above when moving to a new or different size beam.

ClimbTech Beam Anchor


Technical Information

  • Trigger Adjusters.
  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction.
  • Swivel D Ring.
  • Bar Swivel.
  • Bronze Paw Inserts.
  • Tested to: 22kN.
  • Weight: 1.5kg.
  • Length: 495mm.
  • Beam Width: 75mm to 300mm.
  • Maximum User Weight: 136kg.



Beam Anchor

Beam Anchor Use
Personal Fall Arrest or Restraint
Minimum Flange Width
Maximum Flange Width
Maximum Flange Depth
Working Load Limit (kg)
Breaking Strength kN
Clamp Link Type


Industrial or Sport Use
Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Zinc Plated Steel,
ANSI Z359.1-2007
ANSI Z359.7-2011
OSHA 1926.502
CE EN 795:1996 (+A1:2000) Class B
Weight (kg)

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