Tractel Rollbeam Moveable and Adjustable Beam Anchor

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Tractel Rollbeam Push Travel Trolley

The Tractel Rollbeam Push Travel Trolley is designed to be easily fitted to a wide range of beams and can be used as an anchor for suspended access such as rope access.

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Tractel Rollbeam Push Travel Trolley

The Tractel Rollbeam is engineered for quick and easy fitting to beams. The Tractel Rollbeam trolleys move easily under load due to the machined steel wheels which are fitted with pre-lubricated, encapsulated precision ball bearings, the trolley can be locked via lock nuts and an Allen screw to prevent loss of adjustment or tampering.

The Tractel Rollbeam must only be used on horizontally mounted beams which include a stop at each end of the beam.

If the trolley is involved in a Fall Arrest it must be fully inspected by a competent person before further use.

Does not include the fall arrest block!

Technial Information

Do not use on a radius smaller than 1000mm

  • WLL (Working Load Limit): 150kgs @ 12:1 FOS.
  • MBL: 5000kgs (49kN).
  • WLL: 150kgs (1.47kN).
  • FOS: 12:1.
  • Manufacturing Standard: EN795.
  • Testing Standard: EN795.
  • Net weight: 10.5kg.



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