3M™ DBI-SALA® Glyder 2 Sliding Adjustable Beam Anchor

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Glyder™ 2 Sliding Beam Anchor

The DBI/SALA Glyder™ 2 is an adjustable EN795 beam anchor, designed for fall arrest and suspension (such as rope access). Easy fitting to I beams of between 8.75cm and 35cm, up to 3.125cm thick. 

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Glyder 2 Sliding Beam Anchor

The Glyder 2 is designed to act as a mobile anchor point, and is equipped with replaceable wear pads to eliminate metal-on-metal contact, helping reduce friction and aid the smooth movement of the anchor along the beam (it can be dragged along by the user).  With the ability to be fitted either overhead or at the users feet, it features a guarded locking mechanism on the ratcheting adjustment protecting the locking tabs from being disengaged accidentally. The locking tabs are also located on the side rather than top of the beam anchor, this helping reduce the risk of it being forced open by the users lanyard.

The Glyder 2 is very lightweight, weighing just 1.66kg and has a user capacity of 189kg, suitable for even t5he largest technician and tools! Rotating D-ring tie-off point fixed in the centre. 

Capital Safety recommend using their Force2 lanyard when tieing off at your feet as this lanyard can be used for a 3.7m (12ft) free fall.

Technical Information

  • Fits I-Beam Flange Width: 8.9cm - 35.5cm.
  • Capacity: 189kg.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 22kN.
  • Physical Weight: 1.66kg (3.7lbs).
  • Product Types: Steel I Beam Anchor.
  • Standards: Complies with OSHA; 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10..32 and EN795: 1996 Class B.
  • Load Bar Material: Aluminium.
  • Hook End Material: Alloy steeel with zinc plating.
  • D-ring Material: Carbon steel with zinc plating.
  • Wear Oads Material: Polyethelene, U.V. stabilizer.


Sala Glyder 2

Sala Glyder Installation


Simple, Fast and Efficient Installation

The Glyder™ 2 sliding beam anchor incorporates an integrated ratcheting adjusting system for complete ease-of-use.

This unique system is built-in, with no external pins or chains that just get in your way. Glyder™ 2 installs in seconds, in three easy steps:

  1. Depress locking tab mechanism.
  2. Slide ratcheting hook end to fit snug against the flange and release locking tab.
  3. Repeat for other side if desired.



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Beam Anchor

Minimum Flange Width
Maximum Flange Width
Working Load Limit (kg)
Breaking Strength kN


Industrial or Sport Use
Aluminium, Alloy Steel with Zinc Plating, Carbon Steel with Zinc Plating, Polyethelene, U.V. Stabiliser,
CE EN795 Class B
OSHA 1926.502
ANSI A10.32
ANSI Z359.1
OSHA 1910.66
Weight (kg)