Petzl Joko I Single Adventure Park Lanyard

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Petzl Joko I (Single) Lanyard

Petzl Joko I Lanyard is designed and ideal for use in adventure parks, perfect as the connection between the harness and the pulley on a tyrolean or zipline.

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Petzl Joko I (Single) Lanyard

Made from rope, the Petzl Joko lanyards are available in different lengths and as a Y (double) lanyard. At one end is a sewn loop allowing the user to lark's foot onto the belay loop of their harness (negates the use of a karabiner making it more comfortable). The other end has a protected eyelet helping to reduce wear and retain the karabiner in an upright firm position.

Sizes: Available in lengths of 30, 45 or 70cm.

Please note that 70cm are a special order, call to confirm availability.



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Lanyard Type
Energy Absorbing
without Energy Absorber
30cm, 45cm, 70cm,
End Termination
Sewn Loop, Protected Eyelet,


Industrial or Sport Use