Petzl Jane Lanyard

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Petzl Jane Non-adjustable Rope Lanyard

Petzl Jane Lanyard is a dynamic non-adjustable rope lanyard, with terminations on each end, designed for work restraint systems. It can also be combined with a Petzl Absorbica energy absorber to make a fall arrest lanyard.

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Petzl Jane Non-adjustable Rope Lanyard

Made from dynamic rope, the Petzl Jane is a fixed length lanyard which can be combined with an Absorbica shock absorbing pack to make an energy absorbing I (single leg) or Y (twin leg) lanyard*. Featuring sewn ends protected by plastic sheath to hold the connector in place and protect the terminations from abrasion, it is available in a range of lengths. 

Some recommendations on options for installation / connecting to the harness include: Maillon Rapide, Petzl Swivel Open, Semi circular Maillon Rapide or Petzl Ring Open.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are Non Energy Absorbing Lanyards - They are NOT designed to absorb energy. On their own they must NOT be used to arrest a fall. Tape or rope lanyards to EN354 must be used in conjunction with an energy absorber (e.g. EN355) for fall arrest. It is critical (and mandatory by law) that the combined length of lanyard, absorber and connectors does NOT exceed 2m in length.

Petzl Jane Set up Diagram


What is the diameter of the rope in a Jane lanyard?


How do I connect (retrofit) a scaffold hook to a Jane lanyard?

You can use an 8mm Maillon Rapide (PPEDZ08 / P15) screwed on to 3.0 N.m of torque or alternatively buy a Petzl MGO Open Scaffold Hook which has a gate on the eyelet that can be opened using a Hex / Allen key to enable it to be fitted to a sewn eye.

Petzl Jane Lanyard with Connectors

  L50 60 L50 100 L50 150 L50 200
Length 60cm 100cm 150cm 200cm
Weight 110g 130g 185g 225g



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Lanyard Type
Energy Absorbing
without Energy Absorber
60cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm,
End Termination
Protected Eyelet


Industrial or Sport Use
Industrial, Sport,
CE EN354
Weight (g)
110g, 130g, 185g, 225g,

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