Petzl Double Absorbica Y Elasticated Lanyard with Scaff Hooks 150

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Petzl Double Absorbica Y Elasticated 150cm Lanyard with MGOs

Twin / Double Y-shaped elasticated lanyard with energy absorber and MGOs (Scaffold hooks). Designed for movement on high construction sites or metal structures, allowing movement while remaining connected. Allows easy movement on large metallic structures using the two arms and large MGO connectors. Captive eye design of the MGO connector helps prevent dropping or cross-loading the connector.

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Petzl Double Absorbica Y Elasticated 150cm Lanyard with MGOs

Designed to offer continuous protection when passing intermediate anchors or progressing around or up / down a structure by successively detaching and re-attaching the two arms, this Petzl Absorbica-Y lanyard is equipped with elasticated arms which keep the set up as compact as possible and avoids the issue of excess tape or rope getting in the way when working or moving.  

The energy of any fall is absorbed by the tearing of Absorbica shockpack energy absorber, which is suitable for users weighing between 50 and 130kg. Progressive tearing reduces the deceleration on lightweight users. The 'MGO' scaffold hooks are double action (the user need to push with the palm of their hand then pull with their fingers for the connector to open) and the Absorbica end has a 'String' which should be fitted to the connector of your choice to help reduce the risk of improper loading of the connector (it stops the connector from rotating). 

Technical Information

  • Length: 150cm (without connectors).
  • Length: 175cm (with connectors).
  • Maximum length of torn lanyard after fall: 300cm.

Twin Lanyard Use


How much does the lanyard stretch?

Approx. 50cm.

What is the length of the lanyard unstretched / stretched (lanyard, shock pack and scaffold hooks).

Approx. 115cm / 165cm.

What connector do you recommend to use with this lanyard?

If you are regularly taking the lanyard on / off your harness then we would recommend using a Petzl Am'D double or triple action karabiner or similar. The double and triple action karabiner lock automatically once the karabiner gate is released. These should be used with the 'String' to ensure the karabiner loading is end to end. For a more semi-permanent attachment, we would recommed a Petzl Ring Open or Swivel Open.

What is the maximum clearance distance required?

This depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the weight of the user and the fall distance. Petzl provide a very good guide which can be found by clicking here.



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Lanyard Type
Double / Twin
Energy Absorbing
with Energy Absorber
End Termination
Sewn Loop with Captive MGO
Working Load Limit (kg)


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN354
CE EN355
CE EN362
Weight (g)

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