Beal Dyna Pro V Dynamic Lanyard

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Beal Dynamic Pro V Rope Lanyard

This dynamic lanyard is greatly superior to that of traditional static lanyards : The security of the operator is improved in the event of a fall on the lanyard because the dynamic rope hugely reduces the impact force. In conformity with the instructions, this lanyard meet Standard EN354.

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Beal Dynamic Pro V Rope Lanyard

DYNA PRO V is an adjustable, dynamic rope lanyard with sewn terminations. Length of arms 30cm and 60cm.

For users who like an off the shelf product then the DYNA PRO V is available. Same tough, large diameter, thick sheathed rope as the DYNA PRO 8, same terminated and protected ends; but instead of the self-tied knot you have a third sewn termination. Leg lengths are not adjustable but the 60cm and 30cm lengths are pretty much the choice for most.



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Lanyard Type
Double / Twin
Energy Absorbing
without Energy Absorber
Long Arm Length(cm)
Short Arm Length(cm)


Industrial or Sport Use
Industrial, Sport,
CE EN354
Weight (g)

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Beal Dyna Pro V