Latchways LadderLatch Fall Protection Device

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Latchways LadderLatch Fall Protection Device

The Latchways ManSafe for ladders system provides outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed industrial ladder. Applications include chimneys, towers, cranes and silos.

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Latchways LadderLatch Fall Protection Device

Such is the simplicity of the design concept that ManSafe for Ladders can be installed to follow the contours of the structure to which it is attached and so maximise its safety value in a working environment.

Equally, the proven effectiveness of the system’s LadderLatch unit with its unique Latchways starwheel component provides workers with the security of being constantly attached to the system while also having both hands free to go about their duties. If a worker should fall from the system, the LadderLatch unit immediately locks onto the system cable and arrests the fall.

In the event of a fall, a worker attached to a ManSafe for Ladders system is far less likely to be injured during the fall arrest process compared to a fall from a traditional hoop system. Whereas hoop systems prevent a worker falling backwards off a ladder, the hoops themselves present a significant threat if the worker should fall down a ladder.

Key Features

  • Can be fitted to follow the contours of the structure.
  • Suitable for retrofitting or as part of a new build.
  • The whole system is unobtrusive and lightweight.
  • Operation is not affected by snow, ice or adverse weather conditions.
  • Can be installed for use in virtually all environments.
  • Can be integrated into a comprehensive system incorporating vertical, inclined and horizontal sections.
  • Will support up to four workers on a single line.
  • The LadderLatch starwheel unit rotates freely through the intermediate cable guides to give the user continuous hands-free protection.
  • In the event of a fall, the LadderLatch starwheel locks onto the cable and arrests the fall.
  • Energy absorbers built into the system protect the end anchors from excessive loads should a fall from the system occur.
  • The LadderLatch unit can be attached or detached at any point in the system.
  • ManSafe for Ladders is easy to install and maintain.
  • Comprehensive range of specialist components to enable installation on a wide variety of ladders and towers.
  • Meets all appropriate international standards.

User Instructions

  • Only attach to the system by means of the front D-ring on a full body harness conforming to the appropriate safety standards.
  • Always check pre-tension before use.
  • No more than the maximum number of personnel as defined in the system user instructions should attach to the system.
  • Further details are available in the user instructions.

Inspection Requirements for Latchway Devices

  • Periodic examination of Latchways GTFA devices, in accordance with EN 365, shall be carried out at least annually from the date of first use, or the date of manufacture if the date of first use cannot be proven through auditable traceability.
  • Latchways GTFA devices can be recertified annually by a competent person in accordance with Latchways’ published instructions (please find attached our latest revision). Competent person examinations enable the product to be inspected using visual, tactile and non-specialist tools. If the device fails a competent persons examination it should be passed to a trained Technician or returned to Latchways for further examination and repair. A competent person cannot disassemble or repair assemblies.



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Backup Device

Rope or Wire Usage
Wire - Guided Type Fall Arrester
with or without energy absorber
With Energy Absorber


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN365
Wind Farm Kit
Travellers & Sliders

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Latchways LadderLatch Fall Protection Device