Protecta Cabloc Traveller with Zinc-Plated Karabiner

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Protecta Cabloc Traveller With Energy Absorber

Cabloc AC350/4 Traveller with energy absorber for use with 8mm Cabloc stainless steel cable systems NOT incorporating an inline energy absorber.

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Protecta Cabloc Traveller with Energy Absorber

The Cabloc can be permanently installed to a ladder or other vertical structure. Components are available in either stainless or galvanised steel options. For use with 8mm 6 x 19 galvanised cable and 8mm 7 x 19 stainless steel cable. Incorporating an integrated energy absorber reduces the maximum fall arrest force. In the event of a fall this absorber also acts as a fall indicator, showing the device has been deployed and needs to be taken out of service.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 1 user up to 140kg (including tools)
  • The top and bottom anchors are available in either galvanised or stainless steel

  • Easy and quick to install 

    Bottom anchor tension indicator provides a visual indication that the cable is correctly tensioned

  • Can be installed on structures that incline up to 15 degrees, making it suitable for a variety of structures

  • Components are made from high-quality materials with corrosion-resistant finishes making the system suitable for installation in a wide range of aggressive environments

  • Users can attach and detach at any point along the length of the system allowing easy access to platforms and adjacent work areas

  • Traveller automatically follows the user and locks in the event of a fall, providing uninterrupted movement for the user during ascent and descent whilst maintaining complete safety

  • The Cabloc system, used in conjunction with the new Cabloc traveller, is CE marked and tested and conforms with EN353-1:2014. This provides the end user with complete confidence that the system meets the latest standards and legislation



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Backup Device

Rope or Wire Usage
Wire - Guided Type Fall Arrester


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN12841 Type A
CE EN353-2
CE EN353-1
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