Tractel HT9 Nappy Evacuation Rescue Harness

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Tractel HT 9 Evacuation Harness

Nappy rescue harness for evacuation operations. Easy to fit, even with a person lying on the ground. 3 adjustment settings making it suitable for use for both children and adults.

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Tractel HT 9 Evacuation Harness

The Tractel rescue harness HT9 is designed to evacuate a user who may be conscious or unconscious. The rescue harness has been developed for rescue teams and to evacuate users not equipped with a fall arrest safety harness.

Key Features

The triangular rescue harness HT9 is equipped with:

  • Sternal rescue fastening points consisting of webbing loops.
  • The loops must be bound together by a connector EN362 to close the rescue harness and secure the person to be evacuated.

The triangular rescue harness HT 9 comes in One size only;
It provides three customisation size possibilities, easily identified by the colour of its loops.


Three Customisation Size Possibilities
  Sternal Loops Sub-Pelvic Loop
Small 2 black 1 red
min weight 30kg
Medium 2 red 1 red
Large 2 blue 1 blue


The adjustment elements of the triangular rescue harness HT9 are ensured by two automatic plastic loops by which the shoulder traps are adjusted. The triangular rescue harness HT9 is made using high strength synthetic fabric. The very-flexible fabric adjusts to the user’s shape. The triangular rescue harness HT9 is a multiple-size system which can be used with adults of up to 150 kg and children weighing more than 30 kg. It is equipped with loops (suspension fastening point) made of blue, red and black webbing allowing the rescuer or user to quickly adjust the size of the harness for the user to be evacuated. The elastic shoulder straps are equipped with fast automatic plastic loops for easy installation.

Tractel Harness HT9

Tractel HT9 Size Chart



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Sit, Rescue,
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Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN1498