P+P Lanyard Breakaway Parking Loop Point

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Lanyard Breakaway Parking Loop

The breakaway parking point is a retro fit sacrificial parking point used to park the unused working end of a lanyard indirectly onto a harness when not in use.

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Lanyard Breakaway Parking Loop

For use as the ‘parking point’ for the unused end of any twin (two tailed) fall arrest lanyard. This clip can be fitted to any webbing up to 45mm in diameter and is designed to break away when a load of between 35 and 40Kg is applied to it (i.e. in the event of a fall when the other lanyard tail is clipped to an anchor point).

Under no circumstances should it be used as a lanyard attachment point or the point of connection for anything load bearing (i.e. when choking an anchor point with a lanyard tail, a load bearing D ring on the harness should be used to tie back to, NOT this clip).

If you require clarification on this please contact a member of the Abaris International technical staff.



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