Marlow Diablo 11mm Low Stretch Heat Resistant Abseil Rope

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Marlow Diablo 11mm Low Stretch Heat Resistant Rope

The Marlow Diablo 11mm is a high quality CE EN1891 Type A certified low stretch abseil rope with a special heat resistant technora (para-aramid) cover.

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Marlow Diablo 11mm Low Stretch Heat Resistant Rope

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Designed for military, police, and emergency services, Diablo is ideal for all rope access and rescue professionals who require a low stretch kernmantle type rope with added resistance to extreme environments and hard use.

With a hard wearing sheath the Marlow Diablo provides excellent resistance to heat and is ideal for high speed abseiling and high friction applications. The heat resistant cover also makes it suitable for use in any environment where there may be a risk that a rope may come into contact with a hot surface.

When exposed to direct heat (for example from a blow torch or close proximity to halogen lamps), Diablo’s survival time at temperatures exceeding 300°C is 5 times that of regular static ropes! In instances of heat exposure up to 300°C, Diablo continues to maintain load bearing properties in excess of 10kN even after 15 minutes, whereas regular static ropes may catastrophically fail after 45 seconds.

Key Features

Core manufactured from high tenacity nylon:

  • Lightweight.
  • High strength.
  • High energy absorption.
  • Good resistance to most chemicals and UV.

Cover is a 24 plait technora (para-aramid) / nylon blend:

  • Thick and durable cover for excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent heat resistance (Para-aramid decomposes at over 500°C).
  • Thick para-aramid blended cover offers much improved insulation buffer zone between heat source and cores.
  • Improved cut resistance (by factor of 2) over standard ropes, thanks to the para-aramid element of the cover.
  • By blending the aramid with nylon the temperature of the rope is stabilised at approximately 220°C by the latent heat of fusion.
  • Single cover is easily inspected for damage>

Twisted fibre cover construction:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Aids handling and works well with ascenders and descenders.

Marlow Diablo is available in black for Military and police applications or in a more visible orange / black.

Technical Information

  • Mass Core: 38.4g/m.
  • Mass Cover: 44.1g/m.
  • Mass Rope: 82.5g/m.
  • Minimum Static Strength ex. terminations: 22kN.
  • Average Static Strength ex. terminations: 35.5kN.
  • Minimum Static Strength with terminations: 15kN.
  • Average Static Strength with sewn eye: 29.2kN.
  • Average Static Strength with fig. 8 loop: 18.3kN.
  • Peak Force Fig 8 loop:  5.6kN.
  • Fall Factor 1 falls Fig. 8 loop:6kN.



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Rope / Accessory Cord

Specialist Ropes
Heat Resistant
Rope Type
Low-Stretch, Specialist Ropes,
Diameter (mm)
Sheath Slippage %
Static Elongation
Breaking Load (kN)
Length (m)
100m, 200m,


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN1891 Type A

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