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NOT a Hot Knife!!!
Rope cutting charge!

Abaris Rope Cutting Service

Cutting charge for each rope cut (Please note that this is NOT for the hot knife).

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Abaris Rope Cutting Service

(Please note that this is NOT for the hot knife)

The Abaris HC300 Hand Held Hot Knife Cutter with Case can be purchased here.

We are happy to cut our ropes into your desired length. Each cut length will have a product information label heat stuck and shrinked onto the rope end. 

Please add how many cuts we need to make (i.e. if you want 2 x 25m lengths from a 50m rope drum, please buy 1 cut / for 4 x 25m lengths out of a 100m drum, you will need 3 cuts etc) and then state the lengths you require in the 'Additional Information' box when placing your order.

Ropes are 'pre-tensioned' when cut at the manufacturing stage so are unlikely to be the exact length as shown on the label when slack (un-tensioned). When loaded with a weight (such as an abseiler), the rope should be at least the length shown on the label. For this reason we are unable to guarantee we can cut for instance 10 x 20m lengths from a 200m reel (you may find the 10th length will not measure 20m. You will however have 200m of rope in total).



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