Southern Ropes Hot Line 11mm Heat Resistant Rope 200m

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Southern Ropes 11mm Response Hot Line Abseil Rope - 200m

With a Technora Aramid sheath, Hotline rope provides excellent resistance to heat, so is ideal for high speed rappelling and high friction applications, as well as being suitable for use in any environment where there may be a risk that a rope may come into contact with a hot surface.

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Southern Ropes 11mm Response Hot Line Abseil Rope - 200m

Hotline rope is a heat resisitant 11mm low stretch rope with a technora sheath / cover. Technora is an aramid fibre that has some great properties, including having great resistance to abrasion, heat, chemicals and saltwater. The high performance aramid cover is more resistant to damage from sharp objects and heat than all other types of LSK static ropes.

The Technora jacket has a decomposition temperature of around 500°C (as opposed to Nylon <approx. 220°C> / Polyester 250°C).


Is the hotline suitable for use in an environment where standard abseil ropes are in danger of melting?

No! The hotline is not designed for continuous use at high temperatures as the temperature will conduct through the cover over a short time and melt the core. The rope is primarily designed for hotwork where it might rest on a hot surface, or come into contact with a sharp edge, or sharp hot edge under load which when using a standard LSK rope it would probably fail.



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Rope / Accessory Cord

Specialist Ropes
Heat Resistant
Rope Type
Low-Stretch, Specialist Ropes,
Diameter (mm)
Number of UIAA Falls
Static Elongation
Breaking Load daN(kg)
3275 daN(kg)
Weight per Metre


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN1891 Type A