Marlow 11mm Black Marlow Abseil Rope

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Military use only - CE Approved but no EN conformity

Marlow 11mm Black Abseil Rope

This 11mm 'Black Marlow' abseil rope is made for military and special forces around the world. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester with excellent abrasion resistance and durability, this rope is designed for rapid descents and abseiling.

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Marlow 11mm Black Abseil Rope

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Important Note: This rope is has been manufactured specifically for military use and is only CE approved, it does not have a EN standard. It is not for use where there is any risk of a dynamic load (fall on the rope). Please call or email regarding stock and availability

Known world wide as “Black Marlow”, Marlow Abseil Rope has been tested and used by forces around the world. Specifically designed for rapid descent from helicopters, rock faces and in urban warfare situations, the combination of special cover construction and low stretch core ensures high performance and reliability.

Available in 60m or 200m lengths

  • Material Core: High Tenacity Polyester
  • Material Cover: High Tenacity Polyester
  • Core Type: Multiple twisted cores
  • Cover type: 16 plait Braided
  • Certification: MR 10-81

Note: this rope is CE approved as an Abseil rope, it is not intended for use where dynamic loads (falls) may be encountered.

Technical Information

  • 50 - 150 kg Elongation %): 1.
  • Shrinkage (%)*: 0.
  • Mass Core (g/m): 45.1.
  • Mass Cover (g/m): 50.2.
  • Mass Rope (g/m): 95.4.
  • Minimum Static Strength ex. terminations (kN): 22.
  • Average Static Strength ex. terminations (kN): 30.8.
  • Minimum Static Strength with terminations (kN): 15.
  • Average Static Strength with sewn eye (kN): 27.
  • Average Static Strength with fig. 8 loop (kN): 19.
  • Average Static Strength with spliced eye (kN); 22.6.
  • Fall Factor 1 falls. Fig. 8 loop: 4.
  • Fall Factor 1 falls. Spliced eye: 15.
  • Peak Force (kN). Fig 8 loop: 7.4.
  • Peak Force (kN). Spliced eye: 8.3.



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