Kask Zenith Combo Helmet

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Kask Zenith Combo Helmet

The lightweight Kask Zenith is a safety helmet designed for industrial use and conforming to EN397. It also conforms to EN50365 (Class 0), which is the Standard for electrically insulated helmets for use on low voltage installations (voltages up to 1500V DC or 1000V AC). 

The Kask Zenith Combo helmet is suited for Arborist / Tree surgeons

The Zenith’s lightness is made possible by the high-density polystyrene insert, which absorbs impact forces. The ‘weaker’ chinstrap which releases between 150N and 250N (15kg-25kg), limits the risk of choking or strangulation, making this safety helmet particularly suitable for Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART). It also meets the optional requirements of:

-          Side deformation (LD)

-          Molten metal splash (MM)

-          Very low temperatures (-30°C)

-          Protection against side, front and rear impacts

Although a safety helmet conforming to EN397 is particularly suitable as a groundwork helmet, some Health & Safety officers accept it as a work at height safety helmet. It’s fit for purpose for both uses.

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Kask Zenith Combo Helmet

Key Features

  • Four-point hypoallergenic eco-leather chinstrap conforming to EN397
  • Quick release pinch grip buckle 
  • Quick and precise head band adjustment thanks to the Kask Micrometrical rear size adjustment dial
  • Kask Up & Down 2.0 Zenith technology which provides precise and comfortable height and tilt adjustment
  • Lateral (side) chinstrap adjustment ensures a good the chinstrap fits below your ears
  • Kask Fast3Dry comfort padding provides maximum quick drying moisture wicking and freshness
  • 4 detachable headlamp clips
  • Ear defender
  • Mesh Visor 
  • Removeable and washable front comfort padding
  • Earplugs hook
  • Ring on the chinstrap allows the helmet to be connected to a harness

Ear Defenders

The yellow SC2 earmuffs are suitable for environments with a medium to high level of noise (dB). The best choice in high frequency noise situations. Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as: building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc.

  • Attachment to the helmet with a bayonet adapter
  • Universal 30 mm euro slot
  • Performance differentiated by colour
  • Smooth telescopic size regulation
  • Non-conductive

Ear Defenders standards

  • CE EN 352 / ANSI S3.19 / CSA

Different versions

Kask Zenith Hi Viz (EN397)
Kask Zenith Air (EN397)
Kask Zenith Air Hi Viz (EN397)
Kask Zenith PL (EN12492)
Kask Zenith PL Hi Viz (EN12492)


Zen visor, clear, smoke, silver mirror
Zen FF full face visor, clear and smoke
Zen FF Air full face visor, clear and smoke
Zen PM plastic full face visor
Zen MM metal full face visor
Arc Flash 1 full face visor
Arc Flash 2 full face visor
Full face mesh visor carrier
Adapters for visor
SC1 (SNR 23), SC2 (SNR 28) and SC3 (SNR 29) ear defenders with 30mm euro slot
Interior winter padding
Replacement inner padding
Replacement chinstrap assembly
Soft protective helmet bag
Helmet bag with handles and zip
Silver reflective sticker set
Neck shade


 Wash and rinse in clean lukewarm water (max 30°C) using neutral pH soap.


Towel dry and allow to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place away from sources of heat or sunlight.


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Helmet Shell
Helmet Protection
Electrical, Molten-metal splash, Lateral deformation, Low temperatures,
Head Circumference Min
Head Circumference Max
One size fits all
Chinstrap Strength
Weaker - EN397
Operating Temperature from
-30°C / -22°F
Operating Temperature to
+50°C / +122°F


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN50365
CE EN397
Weight (g)
10 Years
3 Years