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Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit

Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit containing the equipment needed for hauling/ascending in crevasse rescue situations: Micro Traxion, Tibloc, Partner Pulley, 120 cm ST’Anneau sling, 2 x OK Screw-Lock karabiners

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SAR 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS)

SAR 6 to 1 Lightweight Casualty Pulley System CPS

The 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS) is designed to lift casualties onto a stretcher or transfer their load from lanyards, slings or rope to the rescuer or rescue system. It's simple lightweight design allows a rescuer to de-weight (remove the weight from) a casualty so that their lanyards can be removed from a structure or a descending / ascending device can be removed from a rope when being rescued.

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Petzl Jag Pre-rigged Pick-off Rescue Hauling System

Petzl Jag Pre-rigged Pick-off Rescue Hauling System

The Petzl Jag System is a pre-assembled hauling kit designed for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system. It comprises a Jag Traxion, Jag pulley, two Am’D Triact-Lock karabiners, a 7.7 mm lightweight rope and a flexible cover. Certified to European and Russian standards. Available in three lengths: 1, 2, and 5 m

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Skylotec Seal Pac

Skylotec Seal Pac for Milan Rescue Kits

All rescue devices must be inspected on an annual basis, even unused devices stored for emergencies. This Seal Pac negates the requirement to send the Milan and contents back to Skylotec for inspection (provided the indicator does not show any signs of moisture).

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Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit

Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit

Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit Rescue pack containing pre-assembled kit for rescuing a suspended casualty. Supplied in a rescue bag with comprehensive user instructions, individual product information, inspection advice and Certificates of Conformity for all the items within the kit.

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Why do you need a rescue kit?

As detailed in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 - Approved Code of Practice and Guidance: The provision of adequate emergency measures is of prime importance when carrying out rope access work. There should be a specific rescue plan for each worksite, with on-site practice if appropriate. In any case, work teams should practice rescue techniques from time to time. Operatives should always be in a position to recover themselves, or to be recovered quickly and efficiently by the immediate work team or by a dedicated on-site rescue team. Rescue equipment should be appropriate to the nature of the workplace, eg length of ropes, availability of extra anchor slings, hauling equipment etc.

What type of rescue kit do you need?

If self-rescue is not possible, then there are generally two types of rescue: a 'reach rescue' (using the casualty to clip himself / herself into a rescue system or using a reach pole to clip a connector onto the casualty and then use a hauling or lowering system to haul or lower the casualty to safety) or a 'pick-off' or 'snatch' rescue (where someone ascends or abseils to the casualty and clips the casualty to their system and ascends or descends to safety). A mix of both may be possible if the rescuer can set up an anchor point just above the casualty and set up a lowering system, ideally using a controlled rate descender (CRD) 


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