Petzl ASAP Lock Mobile Fall Arrest Device Kit

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Petzl ASAP Lock 

The Petzl ASAP Lock mobile fall arrester with locking function is the market leading back-up device for rope access systems. At moderate speeds, the locking wheel runs freely in both directions, following the user. However, when a rapid movement occurs, the wheel stops, pinching the rope between the wheel and the ASAP frame, thus stopping the user. The ASAP can also be used as a primary belay device in a fall arrest system.

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Petzl ASAP Lock 


  • Drop resistant
  • Integrated lock function prevents rope being pulled through the device in strong winds
  • The wheel locks even if it’s grabbed by the user
  • Works on a taut rope
  • Clear instruction markings on the ASAP frame
  • Quick and easy to install anywhere on the rope
  • Works vertically or on inclines
  • Easy to unlock the wheel
  • Locking wheel teeth help to quickly engage the rope in the event of a sudden acceleration

Warning: the Petzl ASAP Lock is a directional device and locks in only one direction. Positioning the device upside down on the rope could lead to death.


Use the Petzl ASAP Lock on low stretch conforming to EN 1891 Type A ropes with a diameter between 10mm-13mm

Different versions

Petzl ASAP


Petzl ASAP’SORBER 20 and 40
Petzl ASAP’SORBER 20 and 40 (international version)
Petzl Ray
Petzl Am’D Triact Lock
Petzl Bm’D
Petzl OK Triact Lock
Petzl Ring Open
Petzl Swivel Open
Petzl Micro Swivel


Wash and rinse in clean water using pure soap
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


Dry in a well-ventilated place away from direct sources of heat or sunlight.
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


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