Terradaptor Capstan Winch System

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TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch System

The TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch System comes fully assembled with the Harken 40.2 ST two speed winch, including the Harken 10 inch lock-in aluminium speed grip handle.

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TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch System

The TerrAdaptor system employing a capstan style winch is used for raising and lowering typical rescue loads of 300 to 600 pounds using ropes common to rope rescue. Capstan winches are not designed to catch a falling load nor does it employ any type of braking mechanism. If fall protection or a belay line is required then it should be rigged independently.

Raise loads by turning the handle in the direction that provides the best mechanical advantage for your situation. Depending on the weight of the load and the speed needed to raise the load, it may be more efficient to place one foot near the base of the tripod leg or lash the leg to the surface for greater stability. Note that the winch can be rigged for progress capture by attaching prussic or other progress capture devices to the rigging points on the winch bracket.

The new SMC TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch System mounts on any grey leg tube section in any position on the TerrAdaptor multi pod. A stainless steel rope guide ensures that the rope enters the capstan at the correct angle for the greatest grip. Clip points on the front and rear of the bracket can be used for progress capture devices such as a rope grab or a prussik.

The TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch Bracket employs a lightweight stainless loop that guides the rope into the capstan at the correct angle for maximum grip of the rope. The guide loop can also mind prussics which can simplify progress capture rigging.

Key Features

  • Includes a Harken 40.2ST two speed, self-trailing capstan winch
  • Engineered TerrAdaptor™ winch bracket
  • Designed to work with progress capture devices
  • Made from anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel rope guide


  • Weight: 3.63 kg
  • Length: 28.6 cm
  • Width: 15.0 cm
  • Height: 13.7 cm

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