DMM K-Pro Canvas with Kevlar Edge Rope Protector 80cm

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RopePro K-Pro Edge Protector with an Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) Layer 80cm

The K-Pro rope protector has a standard design compromising of two layers of heavy duty canvas with an additional Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) layer in between (With built in peep hole) - Rated and Tested.

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RopePro K-Pro Edge Protector with an Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) Layer 80cm

Made with 3 layes (2 external heavy duty canvas / 1 mid layer made from aramid) the K-Pro rope and edge protector can be used to protect rigging slings and where rigged ropes cross. The K-Pro can also be used to protect ropes from dirt or becoming contaminated with rust or heavy grease.

The Aramid layer aramid provides the following extra characteristics which differentiate this rope protector from its competitors:

Key Features

  • High strength.
  • Resistance to absorption.
  • Resistance to organic solvent, good chemical resistance.
  • No conductivity.
  • No melting point.
  • Low flammability.
  • Excellent heat, and cut resistance.
  • Sensitive to acids and ultraviolet radiation.
  • 80cm Long.
  • 70cm tie cords for double security.
  • Aramid (Kevlar equivalent) Layer.
  • Peep hole shows Aramid barrier.

For rope protection - recommended 1 x K-Pro for each rope. where used to prevent light contamination or protect structural paint etc from rope rub damage. 1 x K-Pro may be suitable for 2 ropes, users must ensure that the ropes are not crossed internally and that the positioning system will remain effective if either rope was to fail.

K-Pro Tested and rated Information

K-Pro Edge Protector
K-Pro peep hole
K-Pro Reversible



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