heightec Sync Removable Chest Ascender

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Integrated chest ascender for Axon or Eclipse/Corona harness combination

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Heightec SYNC Removable Chest Ascender

The SYNC is the first ever fully removable chest ascender offering the performance and security of a sewn in design. The new design offers all the advantages of an integrated ascender but with the flexibility of being removed when required.

SYNC removable chest ascender sits tightly against the chest section for efficient ascending and supreme comfort.

Can be removed from the harness quickly for replacement, without the need for extra tools. Simply remove the harness screwlink and unhook the SYNC.

Innovative attachment points secures ascender and reduces movement to an absolute minimum for optimum comfort and efficiency.

Unique attachment method slots directly onto harness webbing, no extra connectors are required. The harness can be open and closed as normal with a screwlink/karabiner.

Key Features

  • Attaches directly to harness
  • Secure, stable and comfortable - performs like part of the harness
  • Removable
  • X-cam advanced tooth design: Does not jam even against knots, Provides high degree of grip on ropes of varying condition including after rupture of sheath.


Sizing:  Rope diameter 10.5mm - 12mm

Material: Alloy

EN Mass Test: 100kg

Loading: 100kg SWL

Weight: 0.14kg

Conformity: EN 567, EN 12841 (B)



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Chest Ascender

Cam / Grip Type
Toothed Cam / Grip
Rope Size Range (mm)
10.5mm - 12mm
Rope Type
Nominal Maximum Load


Industrial or Sport Use
Aluminium, Nylon, Stainless Steel,
CE EN567
CE EN12841 Type B
Weight (g)