heightec Sentinel Chainmail Rope Protector

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heightec Sentinel chainmail rope protector

heightec Sentinel chainmail rope protector. Chainmail wrap-around rope protector with velcro closure and high cut resistance.

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heightec Sentinel chainmail rope protector

The heightec Sentinel chainmail rope protector is suitable for all rope access industry situations where lengths of rope need to be sufficiently protected.

The durable stainless steel chainmail construction gives unrivalled performance with high cut resistance whilst safeguarding against corrosion.

The ‘see through’ chainmail construction enables users to inspect the rope without having to remove the protector from the rope.

The Sentinel chainmail rope protector is supremely simple and quick to fit, install and remove. It is supplied with a cord loop for attachment to structure or rope.

This mid rope protector contains a velcro closure strip along the length of the product to ensure that the rope is fully protected while in use.

The Sentinel withstood rigorous testing compared to traditional canvas rope protector when used over a guillotined steel edge. 

Optional PVC Cover add-on:

  • Secondary Outer Cover - The wrap-around rope protector also has an optional Protective PVC Cover
  • Grey - MR705P.

These covers can be attached around the protector via an additional velcro attachment. This secondary outer cover helps protect paint work or other surfaces from abrasion.

Key Features

  • High cut resistance.
  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Supplied with cord for attaching to structure or rope.
  • Flexibility provides easy placement.



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Rope Protector

Attachment Type
Cord for attaching to structure or rope
Closure Type
heightec Sentinel Rope Protector
Chainmail Rope Protector, Sentinel Chainmail with Protective Cover - Grey,


Stainless Steel
Length 50cm
Weight (g)