Skylotec Milan Servicing

Abaris International is an authorised and 'Skylotec Approved' Inspection and Service Agent for the Skylotec Milan Constant Rate Descender (CRD) Rescue Device.

With prices starting from £45 + Vat for a Level 1 inspection, we can also arrange for courier collection and re-delivery of your device to ensure that your down time is as short as possible. Inspection and servicing can be also be completed on-site. 

For full details and costs, please call our sales team on +44(0) 1484 768277.

Skylotec Milan Servicing UK
Skylotec Milan Servicing Requirements:

Paragraph 21 of the HSE Operational Circular 282/31 Rope evacuation from mechanical handling equipment give guidance on how often Controlled Rate Descenders (CRDs) should be inspected:

"There should be a system for regular inspection of rope evacuation equipment by an appointed person. Duty holders should consult the supplier and/or manufacturer of the rope evacuation equipment for specific recommendations for checks and inspections. Regulation 9 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) applies to evacuation equipment because it is used for lowering people. The equipment should be thoroughly examined by a competent person at least six monthly, or in accordance with a written scheme of examination, drawn up by a competent person. Equipment used for training is more likely to be used more frequently and may need to be inspected and thoroughly examined more frequently".

In relations to unused Skylotec Milan devices, a ’Service Level 1’ inspection should be conducted at least once every 6 months, as in the UK this device falls under Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). A Service Level 1 is an external visual inspection and function test which should be conducted by a competent person. A competent person would refer to a Skylotec trained representative or someone with the knowledge and experience to be able to identify possible issues with the device.

If a Milan continues to pass the requisite Service Level 1 inspection and the device remains unused, then the device would need to be opened for an internal (Service Level 2) inspection at the 6 year point. This is extended to 10 years if the device is stored in a Sealpac and there is no sign of damage or ingress of moisture into the Sealpac.

For used Skylotec Milan devices or ones that show any sign of use, a Service Level 1 would need to be conducted at least once every 6 months and a Service Level 2 at least every 12 months. If there are signs of excessive wear, the device is not functioning as it should or any of the situations below have occured, then a Service Level 2 should be conducted. A Service Level 2 is a full inspection involving the opening of the device and a complete inspection of all the components, and includes the measuring of wear on the body and the brakes. This inspection should be conducted by an Authorised Skylotec Trained Service Agent. 

Milan rescue devices also need inspecting if any of the following situations have occurred:

• The Sealpac shows any sign of damage
• The moisture indicators on the Sealpac show a humidity of 50%
• The Milan has been used for a real rescue
• If there is any doubt over the function of the Milan
• There is excessive wear on any part of the Milan (includes rope and accessories)
• If the Milan usage has reached the maximum abseil distance as recommended by Skylotec, namely:

- Max. abseil distance with one person up to 75kg: 3,000m
- Max. abseil distance with one person up to 100kg: 2,500m
- Max. abseil distance with one or two persons up to 150kg: 1,000m
- Max. abseil distance with one or two persons up to 200kg: 400m
- Max. abseil distance with two persons up to 260kg: 200m
- Max. abseil distance with two persons up to 280kg with deflection: 200m

The maximum lifetime / lifespan for a Skylotec Milan device is 10 years from date of manufacture.

The maximum lifetime / lifespan of the rope in a Skylotec Milan is 4-6 years.


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