Tractel Blocfor Fall Arrest Block 5m and 6m

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Tractel Blocfor Fall Arrest Block 5m and 6m

Tractel Blockfor fall arrest block with Energy System Dissipater (ESD) ensuring that the user will undergo an impact no more than 600 daN even with the rope fully extended.

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Tractel Blocfor Fall Arrest Block 5m and 6m

This is an ideal fall arrester with retractable webbing for use on terrace roofs. The new version of Blocfor 5 and 6 ESD retractable fall arresters have been considerably improved with respect to the current models.

The mechanism has been greatly simplified to optimise its functionality.

The design has been completely re-engineered to facilitate use and improve its handling.

The Blocfor 5 and 6 ESD retractable fall arrester is equipped with an energy dissipater mounted at the end of the webbing. The dissipater ensures user impact in the event of a fall of less than 600 daN even when the webbing is fully unwound. The Extremity System Dissipator (ESD) reduces the dynamic load impacted on the user’s body in the event of a fall. It protects the webbing from the risk of cuts which could occur due to the sharp edges sometimes present on terrace roofs.

The new Blocfor 5 and 6 ESD retractable fall arrester fully meet user requirements. With its reel capacity of 5 or 6 metres of webbing, these new fall arresters are lightweight, more compact and safer than the other fall arresters currently available on the market

Key Features

Easy to install:

  • Tested for use in a number of different scenarios

Easy to use:

  • For vertical use and 20 degrees from vertical
  • Can be used in a horizontal position on a flat roof without a lanyard between the webbing strap end and the harness.
  • Can be used on a lifeline system

Service Free:

  • No need to return to Tractel for an annual service although an annual inspection by a competent person is still required.


  • 25mm width webbing strap
  • 5m webbing strap- blocfor 5
  • 6m webbing strap- blocfor 6
  • Fall indicator
  • 2kg weight- blocfor 5
  • 2.1kg weight- blocfor 6
  • PA/ABS casing
  • Anti-spark mechanism
  • ESD absorption
  • Certified to EN Standard 360 2002
  • Height 181mm
  • Width 136mm
  • Thickness of unit 68mm



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Backup Device

with or without energy absorber
With Energy Absorber
5m, 6m,
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Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN360