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Duracell Plus AA alkaline batteries

Duracell Plus AA alkaline batteries now last longer than any previous Duracell Plus batteries. They provide performance in a broad range of everyday devices and up to 40% more power than Simply Duracell batteries. Along with offering great value. Duracell Plus alkaline batteries deliver long-lasting power and trusted quality from Duracell.


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Duracell AA Ultra Batteries

These Duracell Ultra Batteries AA Alkaline Pack of 4 are suitable for use with a vast array of devices in the home and office and is specially designed to be the most powerful Duracell alkaline battery available. This pack contains 4 Duracell Ultra AA Alkaline batteries. These batteries will efficiently power items that take AA sized batteries such as remote controls, torches, radios and clocks. Each battery features a Powercheck tester, so you always know how much energy is left in each cell.

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Petzl Core rechargeable battery compatible with Petzl HYBRID headlamps.

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Petzl Rechargeable battery for PIXA® 3R

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion polymer battery, 930 mAh, recharges separately or on the headlamp, for quick charge.

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Petzl Accu Swift RL Rechargeable battery for SWIFT RL headlamp

The Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ensures high performance for the SWIFT RL headlamp, even at low temperatures. It charges via micro USB port and has a luminous charging indicator.

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Petzl Accu Swift RL PRO

Rechargeable battery for SWIFT RL PRO headlamp.

High-capacity Lithium-Ion 2350 mAh rechargeable battery for the SWIFT RL PRO headlamp. It guarantees excellent lighting performance, even at low temperatures. It charges directly via built-in micro USB port and has a charging indicator light.

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Petzl Accu 2 Rechargeable battery for DUO S headlamp

High-performance rechargeable battery designed for the DUO S headlamp. It is durable, and features quick connection to the headlamp and an energy gauge for monitoring the battery's charge level.

Torches and Lighting for all types of work and sport activities.

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